Ocasio-Cortez and Newsom: Stupid-East Meets Stupid-West

While there is an immense distance in miles separating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the East Coast and Gavin Newsom on the West Coast, it appears dwarfed by the vast empty spaces between the ears on their inflated heads.  While lecturing us little people on two entirely different subjects, stupid-East somehow managed to intersect with stupid-West on one very important point.  That point (slightly dumbed-down): if it ain't there, it ain't gonna happen.

Over on the East Coast, Ocasio-Cortez helped kill the Amazon deal and before her followers could chant the words "cow farts are killing us," she had mentally repurposed every dime of the $3 billion in direct subsidies she was sure Amazon was set to unjustly receive.  But if it ain't there, it ain't gonna happen. 

Rightly , many on the reality side of the political spectrum wonder how dumb Ocasio-Cortez must be to think there was a pot of taxpayer money being handed over to Amazon.  Now that the deal is dead, instead of Amazon being able to keep $3 billion of what it earns as a temporary incentive to bring thousands of jobs and many billions of dollars in future tax revenue to the area, there will be zip, zero, nada for progressives to "invest" (given that's all they really care about). 

I wonder if Ocasio-Cortez will take a vow of poverty, put her current lack of money where her mouth is, and fight the urge to magically turn her $170K-per-year salary into multi-millions (while producing nothing) before she finally exits Congress.

Here on the West Coast, after Trump declared a state of emergency, Governor Newsom rushed into the spotlight with his A.G. and promised to sue the Trump administration for diverting funds and "hurting California."  No word from Newsom on the harm the $77-billion train boondoggle or $23 billion spent yearly on illegal immigration (enough to pay every public school teacher more than $75K per year) has done to California.

Newsome also responded to Trump regarding immigrant crime rates, as noted by the Sacramento Bee:

Since his campaign, Trump has argued that undocumented immigrants [sic] are linked to higher crime rates. He's leveraged the stories of Mollie Tibbetts and Kate Steinle, two women killed by men living illegally in the United States, as proof of his claim.

Newsom said the exact opposite in his speech on Tuesday.

"Immigrants, both those here legally and those without documentation, commit crime at a lower rate than native-born citizens," he said.

It would be wise not to trust any statistics that Newsom tosses around, and there is plenty of counter-information that supports Trump's claims.  But that's not the point.  Newsom's claim is pointless because even if he were correct, it shouldn't matter.  He commits the same "monumentally stupid" error as Ocasio-Cortez did on the Amazon deal.  If it ain't there it, ain't gonna happen. 

To simplify for folks like Ocasio-Cortez and Newsom (Eric Swalwell is free to contact me directly if he needs further simplification): If illegal aliens are prevented from coming to this country, it doesn't matter at what rate they commit crimes, because those crimes (including illegal entry) won't happen here in the United States.

How is it that Democrats and other leftists get away with such stupidity?  What Ocasio-Cortez and Newsom have in common, along with Warren, Harris, Booker, Sanders, and all the rest is that they are all the recipients of left-wing media coverage that subsidizes the stupid things they say.  Imagine the monetary value of the media coverage used to prop up the heaping piles of stupid these folks leave in their paths daily.  That so many believe this tripe is a whole other story that starts with K-12. 

The worst punishment these people could receive would be a lifetime sentence of having to earn a living in a free-market economy (and sorry, lefties: cronyism is not capitalism).

The sad fact is, Newsom could hold up a dried cow pie and endorse it as the next high-tech smartphone that would soon make the iPhone obsolete.  The MSM would fawn over his brilliance and headline his claims 24/7, Apple stock would tank, Ocasio-Cortez would praise his idea for converting Earth-destroying "cow farts" into solid-state smartphones using only green energy, and the "fact-checkers" would rate Newsom's claims as "mostly true."  After all, cow-pies aren't really pies. 

We've certainly reached peak stupidity in America when proposing the above would appear saner and far less moronic than actual proposals by Democrats such as Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal. 

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