Notice How Democrats are Never Indicted?

In a display of raw federal power unseen since Barack Obama rappelled from a Blackhawk helicopter to personally beat Bin Laden to death with an autographed copy of The Audacity of Hope, Roger Stone was arrested at his home by a 29-man, 17-vehicle tactical unit of the FBI. 

Another Trump figure has fallen -- the end is near, and the noose is tightening.  All Trump associates now fear for their lives and freedom.  Yet some people who have committed crimes much more serious than any of the Mueller indictments remain, as always, unafraid.  That list, by no means comprehensive, includes, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Clapper, Brennen, Steele, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Ohr (Mr. and Mrs.), Rice, and Yates.

Some are guilty of lying to Congress or the FBI, mishandling classified information, obstruction, conspiracy, destroying evidence, and much more.  A case could be made that the Mueller investigation itself destroyed evidence when it wiped clean the Strzok and Page cellphones to delete text messages requested by IG Horowitz.  Yet being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry because the rule of law only applies to Republicans and conservatives.  There are no pre-dawn, guns-drawn raids to arrest Democrats.

Hillary sold 80% of America’s uranium for a 20-minute, $500,000 Moscow speech by her husband and $140 million in donations to the “Clinton Foundation,” which foundationally was not a charity in any meaningful sense (unless of course, the charitable purpose was to make Bill, and Hill fabulously wealthy). 

In contravention of campaign finance law, Hillary paid through her attorneys millions of dollars to a foreign national to use his connections with a foreign government to compile a dossier whereby both the foreign national and the foreign government could interfere with a presidential election.

She knew her bathroom server was illegal and a risk to national security.  But she wanted to keep her crimes secret.  Mishandling of classified material and the wholesale flea-marketing of her office and influence are imprisonable offenses. 

Yet, “What difference, at that point, does it make?”  Hillary’s exempt from prosecution because she’s a Democrat and a bona fide leftist; and that provides blanket immunity.  She knew, as did others from the Obama Administration, that a Democrat can’t get arrested in this town.

One can act with impunity when there is no fear of prosecution.  Why not harvest ballots to steal elections, provide sanctuary for felonious illegal aliens, lie to Congress, or try to frame a president?  Democrats never worry about financial ruin or Mueller going after their families (In like Flynn). 

Sally Yates opened the Flynn investigation under the pretense that he violated the Logan Act, a 1799 law widely believed unconstitutional and never successfully used to prosecute anyone, and a law he didn’t violate since talking to the Russian ambassador was his job as National Security Advisor.  Yet, John Kerry and his negotiations with the mullahs after Trump canceled the Iran deal was ignored.

Real crimes go unaddressed, while misstatements about lawful actions warrant incarceration.  Mueller is fond of false-statement charges where the underlying actions aren’t illegal; he also loosely interprets the definition of “lie.”

Flynn was indicted for lying about lawful actions, as was Stone, and Papadopoulos.  Cohen was indicted for testifying negotiations over a Moscow Trump Tower ended in January (2016) when they ended in June.  George Papadopoulos told investigators a conversation with suspected CIA spy Joseph Mifsud took place prior to him joining the Trump campaign when he knew before their meeting that his appointment was imminent. 

Stone testified he had contact with people solely by phone when he also spoke via email and text.  He claimed to have used a single intermediary in communicating with Wikileaks when he used two.  He said he didn’t discuss his conversations with his intermediary when he did.  Those are three of the seven charges. 

Most of Mueller’s indictments are process crimes which came about as a result of his investigation.  By making people fear they might have committed a crime, Mueller induces them to lie so they can be indicted and turned against his real target, President Trump. 

Clapper lied to Congress, as did Brennan and Comey, who can only remember things when he has a $15 million book to write.  McCabe lied to the IG.  Barack Obama weaponized federal agencies to attack his political opponents.  Hillary sold her office as Secretary of State for money.  Strzok disregarded his oath of office and used his power to attempt to destroy Trump.  In fact, he guaranteed he’d destroy Trump.  Then in testimony before Congress, he smirked with more arrogance than any Covington kid could ever muster.  Yet, no arrests. 

Hillary destroyed her phones and her illegal server, and Comey leaked classified FBI memos to impel the appointment of his best bro as Special Counsel.  Again, no indictments. 

Did I mention the newly elected anti-Semitic Islamic congresswoman who married her brother to commit immigration fraud? 

Apparently, in America today the only people who should fear prosecution are those who disagree with the “ones we’ve been waiting for” because if you’re a Democrat, you can’t get arrested in this town.

William L. Gensert can be followed on Twitter @williamlgensert

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