Democrats Are the Party of Destruction

The first image that came to mind after viewing the 2019 expression of exultant joy by New York Democrat representatives when Governor Cuomo called for a constitutional amendment to shore up abortion for New Yorkers was the 1939 jubilation by the German Reichstag when Hitler asserted that the end of world Jewry was his ultimate goal. 

In both cases, the elation was about death.  It is not really surprising, since it is becoming patent that the "D" in Democrat stands also for "destruction."  Democrats may couch their destructive tendencies in euphemisms like "social justice" and "women's rights," but one thing is clear: there is no objection from any Democrats as the party embraces the most radical left-wing ideology, meant to result in the demise of America.  Success is to be destroyed; advancement is to be suppressed.  Babies are expendable. Hubris under the cloak of social justice slogans runs amok.

It extends to each issue the Democrats embrace. Every city that has come under Democrat control is proof positive that instead of raising the standard of living for the occupants, the city falls to crime, gangs, and drugs.  In fact, "America is awash with troubled, dysfunctional cities that have been electing Democratic mayors for decades."

Their restrictive economic policies combined with outright corruption result in the death of the middle class.  Once that is gone, the city is done for.  Yet the Democrat slate of socialist-loving candidates continues to opt for this destruction as its members tout the 70% tax, which would turn America into Venezuela.  Concomitant with this assault is the death of outrage as "diversions, half-truths, equivocations and sophistry" now describe the Democratic Party.

Moreover, the destruction of public schools, once the jewels of American education and advancement, has been taken over by the Democrat left.  John Perazzo documents in his "Shame of Our Schools" how the Democrats have destroyed public education in the inner cities.  It is about the exploitation of our children's minds rather than the elevation of their thinking.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste, yet in this generation of more credentialed students than ever before, many of these same students are functionally illiterate as they clutch a college degree to show for it.

The latest assault on American education resulting in wanton destruction of excellence is at Harvard University.  A bastion of left-wing ideology and outright discrimination, Harvard denies admittance to Asian students because such does not comport with the left-wing diversity that has permeated and poisoned centers of higher learning.  Abe Greenwald writes in "The War on Asian Americans" how "at Harvard ... the attack on Asian-American applicants is so clear, deliberate and systematic as to be disturbingly similar to the most bigoted chapter in that institution's history – its campaign to purge Jews from its student body throughout the early decades of the 20th century." 

Academia, dominated by left-wing Democrats, is not disturbed one iota for "once again singling out one [group] for exclusion and perpetrating a great sin against thousands of individuals."  Thus, the thinking goes that it is moral to destroy the aspirations of one group over another.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will not work to improve the education of New York's Hispanic and black student population.  Instead, he will destroy the highly touted Specialized High Schools Admissions Test, which has always been an academic, not a race-based exam.  No one will bother to inquire why so many blacks and Hispanics continue to do poorly – could it be that public schools deliberately dumb down their education?  Could it be that Spanish-speaking students do not assimilate and are not held to a higher standard of learning English like every other immigrant group?  Could it be that the gang violence in the inner cities is more a magnet than any constructive activities because corrupt politicians will not improve conditions?  No, that would not fit the lie that America is a racist society, which is the dominant theme of the Democratic Party, wherein the word "racism" is applied to everything.

If the protection of innocent babies does not register within the Democratic Party's moral compass, surely, Democrats don't care about securing American borders from vicious MS-13 gangs, human-traffickers, Islamic terrorists, and sexual predators.  Rather, the Democrats pave the road with censorship and scorn at commonsense ideas and solutions.

Michael W. Cutler explains how the term "illegal aliens" has now become "undocumented workers," softening the facts about people who are en masse making an assault into the United States.  In fact, " [t]he desire of the majority of people to be fair and polite has been perverted to obfuscate important issues."  The Democratic Party's globalists continue to exploit language.  Hence, "[w]hen it comes to immigration, consider how effectively scammers with malevolent motives have cynically played the 'compassion card.'  They see vulnerabilities to exploit in the compassionate and charitable characteristics of Americans, turning virtues into veritable weapons to be used against Americans."  The linguistic convolutions of Nancy Pelosi are astonishing as she weaves and bobs to avoid the obvious.  To think that the Democrats were interested in the DREAMers – instead, they are working to destroy this group's chances via Trump's latest accommodation.

In a perverse twist, it seems that like King Midas, whose touch turned everything into gold, the Democrat globalists destroy everything they touch. 

Life is supplanted for calculated death, either through late-term abortions or death panels for the elderly.  Liberty and opportunity are squashed as the Democrats eagerly await the time when they can tax people to the point of abject poverty.  Left-wing Democrats have made a devil's pact with social media sites that serve to censor and close American minds – the first step toward a totalitarian world.

Pursuit of happiness can never be the aim of the Democratic left because if Americans are content, the Democrats will have lost their base.  Who will need to be dependent on Democrat government freebies?  The grandiose but completely unworkable ideas of free health care and free tuition can be implemented only when the left has completely indoctrinated its school-age population so that genuine intellectual curiosity and questioning are subdued and eventually snuffed out.  Punishment, shaming, and ostracism result if one disagrees with the left-wing Democratic Party line.

Oh, and the assault on boys – this is not about empowering the girls.  It is about making men feel that it is wrong to stand up and be heroic.  It is about demeaning those traditional ideas of honor, courage, and protection of the home and family.  Democrat operatives are sculpting boys in such ways that these good manly attributes are scorned and eventually destroyed.  They have already succeeded within the black population, where 72% of black children are fatherless as a result of Democrat legislation over the years. 

Extreme ideas are fostering extreme behavior to the point that a nine-month-old baby can now be murdered as he is born.  Are there any sensible Democrats left in the party who are troubled by the radical tilt their party has taken?  Why don't they speak up?  Why don't they put on their big boy pants?  Why don't they leave the party?

Clearly, they ignore Winston Churchill's warning: "Dictators ride to and fro on tigers from which they dare not dismount.  And the tigers are getting hungry."  If these weak-minded politicians continue to support their party's policies, accept the anti-Semitism of the party's latest arrivals, and allow the murder of innocent babies without any restrictions, they too will end up in the tiger's mouth.  The destructive dictatorship of the Democratic Party will eventually be their own demise.

In 1908, Churchill asserted "What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?"

We, of any political persuasion, must not be afraid to halt the truly destructive tendencies so that the next generation will not look at us with disdain.  For starters, the Democratic Party must be seen for what it is: a party that exults when destruction is achieved.

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