Crowder Beats Anybody in the Legacy Media -- Change My Mind

Steven Crowder might be my favorite internet personality. He's hilarious, intelligent, extremely articulate, and expresses a conservative point of view in a very entertaining fashion.

Louder with Crowder is absolutely hilarious, but it's also very informative and provides a brilliant contrast of the approach of liberals and conservatives to public discourse. Steven Crowder is able to communicate conservative ideas with humor and respect that is a marvel to behold. Just check out this video.

In this particular episode, Crowder is conducting an open interview in public where he knows people with opposing opinions are likely to be found. He invites them onto the show to participate in civil debate of the topic. This particular segment addressing the transgender issue is titled: "There are only two genders. Change my mind."

I marvel at how young Mr. Crowder is able to maintain his composure no matter how angry and intolerant his opposition might get. However, the above video led people upset by the question to make terroristic threats and inciting violence on social media, creating all new material for a "Crowder Confronts" video in the process.

That's the "tolerant" left for you... it's like a gift that keeps on giving.

You might think liberals would figure out that it's better for them to hope that Crowder would never notice them rather than drawing his attention, but you would be wrong. Some people never learn. After the more recent video aired, "journalist" (by her own definition) Jessi Cape wrote "JuiceLand Employee Harassed By Right Wing Comedian." The first sentence reads, "We are intentionally not embedding or linking to the video." In other words, Ms. Cape censored her own story so that her distorted perspective couldn't be easily refuted by the evidence. But the second sentence I've quoted was even more important to note.

In the video, Crowder says as he is leaving the restaurant: “Now is the point where we peacefully leave and go home and sit on our footage and wait for leftists to do what leftists do: Lie.”

Did you see what just happened there?

Crowder had warned Cape that he was expecting someone like her lie and misrepresent the facts of the incident, and she was simply too stupid or too arrogant to realize she was stepping into it. She took the bait and published her article. Then, as if she hadn't made enough stupid mistakes, she returned Crowder's call when he complained about the veracity of her article, and he promptly had her for breakfast.

That made for another great "Crowder Confronts" video, too.

I wonder if somewhere in the back of her mind a voice was shouting "Danger, danger Will Robinson!" as she heard the words "single party consent state." Nah. Ms. Cape doesn't seem to be smart enough to understand that she was about to become famous, and not in a good way.

Mainstream journalism might be dead, but Steven Crowder didn't kill it.

In all fairness, Jessi Cape didn't kill it, either. She couldn't have. To be brutally honest, she's a nobody reporter for a small newspaper with a circulation of 65,000 readers. Frankly, she isn't important enough to make that big a dent in the reputation of mainstream journalism. No, mainstream journalism was already dead.

Dan Rather murdered it. His accomplice was Mary Mapes.

Together they launched the era of fake news and killed mainstream journalism on September 8, 2004, when he presented her horribly biased, poorly researched, utterly false story to a national audience that might have changed the outcome of a presidential election, only two months before election day. Rather and Mapes achieved infamy (and lost their jobs) after accepting and publicizing false documents asserting that George W. Bush had attempted to wiggle out of his Texas Air National Guard service. It was a devastating, self-inflicted wound from which mainstream journalism may never recover. The problem has only gotten worse over time. 

The Brian Williams scandal delivered yet another crushing blow to the credibility of what Limbaugh calls the "drive-by" media.

And Don Lemon still has a job after this infamous moment in media history.

If you can't trust 60 Minutes, who can you trust to fairly and accurately report the news? Certainly not reporters like Jessi Cape. Not Don Lemon, or Anderson Cooper. I don't even bother watching ABC, CBS, or NBC for news anymore. In fact, I rarely watch the major networks for any reason.

I do trust Steven Crowder, though.

I have a dream. One day, the head of one of the major networks will realize there are no David Brinkleys today and nobody knows who any of the anchors are at the three major networks anymore. How many people do you think would recognize Lester Holt on the street? Or David Muir? I can't even think of the name of the third major network's current news anchor.

Crowder would be such a vast improvement over the current alternatives that the comparisons would be night and day. He's incredibly bright, and an excellent communicator and interviewer who asks terrific questions. He could develop a massive audience in practically no time at all, because there isn't a nickel's worth of difference between his competition.

Fan favorite producer "Not Gay" Jared might even be tempted to return to the show as Crowder's equivalent of Mary Mapes, especially if he received her salary. It might be the perfect scenario to renew interest in mainstream media. Too bad it will never happen.

Remember, Steven Crowder is a conservative.

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