Beware the Morality of the Democrats

The Democrats have laid claim to be the new arbiters of “morality.”  They declare “immoral” anything that has the potential to thwart them, whether it’s a wall, a hat, a facial expression, or even religion itself, particularly Christianity.  This has invited soul searching on the question of whether Democrats are right or wrong in their selective declaration of morality.  Some are led to ask whether Democrats might be right -- could a wall be evidence of immorality?  What if my desire to protect my country, my family and myself is actually bigoted, and therefore immoral?

Such navel gazing by an objectively decent person is foolish.  It is intended to bring about either a flawed acceptance of the left’s version of morality, or a subtle coercion to offer no further support for something that arguably offends others, presuming their good faith in being offended.  The accusation of immorality, whether express or implied, represents a distraction from the Democrats’ efforts to subvert the country and its inherently moral principles.

While the Democrats don’t actually care about true morality, they know you do.  The very people that Democrats smear and belittle constantly as hate-filled bigots are usually self-critically evaluating their own actions and beliefs on an ongoing basis.  Most normal people have been raised, or choose of their own accord, to avoid behaving unethically or immorally in relation to fundamental objective principles of right and wrong.  At least, that used to be largely so. 

They do not depend on politicians or activists to guide them, but look instead to a just God whom they believe morally guides them to behave with honesty and goodness.  They act in ways that they believe preserve their souls, and those with whom they interact, for the eventual judgment of God.  They do not believe in or practice seeming honesty and goodness toward some, while practicing virulent rage and hatred toward others.  Morality is not a political sliding scale.  The God of moral people is not a political party or political philosophy.  Those are instruments of subjective power, making them invalid instruments of subjective justice.  Raw political power, manifested in dominating and subjugating largely voiceless people to a political future of servitude to the state, is not a wellspring of morality.

Indeed, to behave morally is often the antithesis of self-interest.  Because morality is about what is right, rather than what is subjectively most advantageous for the decider, true morality requires self-denial.  It requires considering the welfare of others and the suffering of others, as those will flow from one’s actions, and placing the interests of others over one’s own when to do so is morally right.  This is not social justice, or socialist justice, but moral justice.  This cannot be accomplished by those given to lie about their underlying greed or self-interest, or even about how what is best for them might coincidentally be good for others when that is not their purpose.

Americans animated by actual morality make hard choices every day, even if subconsciously, not because their political affiliation or social justice colleagues will demand that they be punished if they do not but because their own souls and those of others matter to them.  They care more about behaving ethically and morally than dominating.  What the left calls morality a sane person sees as often-vicious intimidation driven by hyper-emotional hatred cultivated to crush others.  Politically driven actors cannot owe elective fealty to a corrupt political machine, which commits objectively immoral acts and promotes policies that destroy lives, and still pretend to be moral.

Against this history, which has become increasingly portentous over decades, it is a wonder that any decent person would still entertain the possibility that the accusation of a Marxist Socialist Democrat is worthy of five seconds of thought as to its validity.   In even making the accusation, the Democrats betray the cynicism of their propaganda.  They tap the morality of decent people to trick them into thinking that their morality is the problem, at least when compared to the new group morality of Marxists who will say and do anything to seize total political control over millions who would not otherwise trust them to give correct change.

It defies logic to entertain the accusation of immorality from those who know that the unborn are human children, but gleefully promote their murder anyway.  They lie with an ease that is both fascinating and horrifying.  Their corruption is limitless, and their capacity for dishonesty is monumental.  They are the embodiment of soulless cynicism, masquerading as care and concern for what is moral, knowing all the time that their words and deeds are false and poisonous.  One is left to wonder how such people can even pretend to morality while practicing such evil.

The answer is simple.  They, unlike moral people, do not believe in a God from whom true morality and accountability derives.  Removal of God from the Democrat platform was no accident.  They are perfect heirs to their atheistic Socialist and Communist forefathers.  Their sense of justice is crass and corporeal rather than spiritual.  Their ethics are determined by what best serves their illicit drive for power here and now, regardless of who must pay with pain and heartbreak for their gain.  For them, morality permits countless rapes of women and girls trying to come here at their invitation.   Socialist morality permits vast death and destruction of the lives of innocent people caused by an open border.  Drugs, gangs, criminals, terrorists, all are morally acceptable in Socialist secular theology, because the lives and safety of others are irrelevant.  What matters is how many new illegal Democrat voters will be enabled in our near future to negate the voices of citizens, and vote Democrats into totalitarian power in perpetuity.

For this objective, Democrats will say anything.  It is up to truly moral people to stop listening to their lies and stop asking themselves whether they are moral people when powerful Democrats try to shame them.  If anything, the disapproval of Democrats is a sign you are on the right track.  Do not be conned when they gaslight you about what is moral.  They care about making you their servants by whatever immoral means they can.   Gone are the days when most Democrats in positions of authority could be considered Americans like many of the rest of us, or even remotely interested in the well-being of the United States.  They serve themselves and their agenda.  They are not only disinterested in the well-being of the country, but are actively working against it.  They are in America, but are no longer of it.

If you really want to ponder morality, ask yourself this: What has been the fate of those who challenged previous totalitarian regimes on truly moral grounds?  They were re-educated, or worse.  There is no place for morality in an atheistic power cult.  Don’t be fooled by those who insist that your morality should conform to theirs.  Listen to your soul, and keep fighting back.