Are Liberals Going Mad, or Are They Out of Ideas?

Everybody has been having a grand old time critiquing the mad plans of Sandy O and her Green New Deal, and the plan to turn the U.S. economy upside down to fight the existential peril of climate change and carbon pollution. Sandy O and her white-robed crew are “bat-crazy,” according to the American Spectator’s rabbi Dov Fischer.

I understand the feeling. I woke up last night out of a peculiar dream to a strong realization that philosophizer Friedrich Nietzsche was mad.

What these lefties cannot get into their heads is: what if they are wrong? It is all very well to declare that the planet is going to fry and propose a comprehensive and mandatory program of decarbonization. What happens if they are wrong about their climate prophecy? And what happens if their transformation of transportation and energy production leads to economic disaster and famine and the deaths of millions of people? It wouldn’t be the first socialist scheme to crash and burn.

It’s the same problem with Fritzi’s prophecy of the Overman. What if the Overman, the Übermensch -- or indeed the Überfrau -- isn’t all that hot upstairs? What if the glorious Zarathustrian vision is a flop?

It is interesting, is it not, that our lefty friends insist on the most rigorous vetting of the public prospectuses of capitalist organizations, subject to the most frightful penalties if something is misstated or overpromised. Not to mention teaching those Tea Baggers a lesson on their 501(c) forms, Lois. But they utterly -- and I think honestly -- fail to apply the same principle to their own projects.

We know why our lefty friends present their projects as the only possible response to an existential peril.  If the train has left the station, if this is the last chance to save the world, then we have to accept their leadership, because there is no turning back. We have to do something, right now; otherwise we are all going to die. No time to file an SEC form.

And in case that isn’t enough to persuade us, they throw in the argument of Good vs. Evil, as in Walls are Immoral.

When you combine the government argument of fighting an existential peril with the religious argument of fighting against Evil then you get totalitarianism. Not good.

But maybe we are overanalyzing this. Maybe we should rather be saying: is this all there is?

The truth is that Medicare For All and Free College and the Green New Deal are not magnificent new programs that are going to benefit a majority of Americans. They are used cars that have seen better days. Most people have health insurance and don’t want another ObamaCare. Most guys are avoiding college because cost, and don’t think that they should bail out foolish young women that majored in Grievance Studies and Sociology. Most Americans like their SUVs and minivans, and don’t want to pay more for gasoline.

Oh, and most Americans want to defend the border, and most Americans are against late-term abortions.

When you think about it, President Trump is shaping up to run on basic issues that unite Americans. The Democrats are fumbling around with old, clapped-out issues that were already menopausal a generation ago.

And when the President makes a point to recognize at his State of the Union speech Jews, blacks, Hispanics, women, and even a poor bullied kid with the name of Trump, he seems to be sending a message. I wonder what it could be?

The reason I felt that Nietzsche was mad is because I had just read about how the notorious misogynist and immoralist behaved like a perfect gentlemen around women like the hot Russian Lou Salomé and the 29-year-old philosophy student Resa von Schirnhofer. When Meta von Salis told Fritzi that she was pursuing a doctorate to “prove that women were not necessarily dumb creatures… Nietzsche was delighted.” So what’s all that stuff, Zarathustra, about “You go to women? Do not forget the whip!”

All I can say is: wouldn’t it be really cool if American Bubbies figured out that Democrats are going pedal-to-the-metal on anti-Semitism, and blacks really got going on Blexit, and middle-class women stood up for babies, and we middle-class morons got to really teach our liberal friends a lesson?

I’m reading Voltaire sneering at Britain’s Quakers back in the day. Did you know that Quaker activists kept getting put in jail because they insisted on calling judges “thee” and “thou,” which were not the judges’ preferred pronouns? In our day it is judges putting people in jail for failing to call activists by their identity-ordained pronouns.

The sad thing is that health care and inexpensive education and a clean environment and tolerance and good-and-evil and civil rights are Good Things that everybody wants

So why do liberals insist on turning them into a crap sandwich?

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