Waiting on Stage Left Again

While Warren, Harris, Booker, and Biden are bruited as potential Democratic candidates in 2020, there may be a surprise candidate being groomed right now.   Barack Obama's trajectory from the Illinois state Senate to the Oval Office in four years is instructive. In March of 2000, Obama was a state senator in Illinois, a post he had since 1996 with virtually no political recognition.   What he did have is a sterling résumé:  an eight-year scholarship to Occidental College, a transfer into Columbia University, a post-college job as a "community organizer," acceptance into Harvard Law School, and editorship of its law review.   The actual academic records remain secret.   There is no essay from college and no single article from the law review where he was editor. In his first foray for national office, he attempted to unseat popular Illinois representative Bobby Rush...(Read Full Article)
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