The Left Doesn't Hate the US; It Hates Us

It may be hard for some to believe, but the Democrats today are interchangeable with the left, because there are no longer any moderate Democrats.  And along with their journey away from the middle, the Democrats have become ever more illiberal in how they feel about their political opponents.  To disagree with the left has become heresy punishable by excommunication and often preceded by what has become their specialty, hatred accompanied by personal, political, and career destruction.

When Barack Obama became president with full control of both houses of Congress, the left was ecstatic.  Some were proud of their country for the first time, blissfully unaware that most Americans had always been proud of America.

It was clear to Democrats that citizens had finally agreed to give them the opportunity and power to realize their dream of a “fair” America of equal outcome with an unchecked government elite making all decisions for everybody in a socialist utopia where everyone can have everything they want, and no decisions or policies could ever be wrong and thus ever reviewable.

When voters began to realize that Obama wasn’t as moderate as he pretended to be to get elected, they began the eight-year trek away from the Democratic utopia.  First, Democrats lost the House, then the Senate, and 2016, they lost the presidency.

The left, which had become convinced they would never again be relegated to the minority, were not only surprised, they were outraged.  Who were these people to go against the “arc of history?”  This is “not who we are” they complained.

It can be said that Trump’s election was the point where the Democrats abandoned the deplorable bastards who stole Hillary Clinton’s presidency, but it had been coming for a long time.

When Barack Obama went on his worldwide apology tour, he wasn’t apologizing for America, he was apologizing for Americans.  To himself, He was America; and Americans were merely the evil people who refused to accept this higher truth.  It wasn’t America that cost him the House and the Senate, it was Americans who rejected the truth that his radical transformation of the United States of America was god’s plan.

Trump wasn’t the beginning, he was the last straw.  That’s what sanctuary cities, abolish ICE, open borders, DACA, amnesty, and a path to citizenship are all about.  These things are not a function of compassion for the poor paperless migrant searching for a better life -- remember, Democrats were anti-illegal immigration when they thought illegals were a boon to business and increased profit.  These policies are nothing more than a means by which the left can switch out Americans for people who aren’t so depraved as to think they have a right to vote against them.

The left doesn’t stifle, bury, and ridicule conservative opinion in the media, Google searches, college campuses, and the public square because they won’t tolerate disagreement, they do it because they know that only they are on the side of all that is right and just and hence, any dissent is evil.  And all dissenters are malevolent.  It’s not a lack of tolerance, the left is tolerant of all good people, but since only evil people won’t agree with them, the beastly get what they deserve.

This is why it’s so easy for them to go to extremes to express their hatred for a Kavanaugh or a Covington kid, or lie and cheat to destroy a candidate Trump, or commit crimes to usurp his presidency, or investigate anyone ever involved with the man; these people are villainous, and hatred and extremism in the battle with evil is no vice. 

This is also why everything Trump does is labeled racist.  He won’t agree with them and do as he is told; he also refuses to be quiet and accept a beating as all deplorables should.  Instead, he tries to implement policies that he believes are good for all us loathsome Americans.  This makes everything he does malicious and obviates the need for them to look at what he says or supports on an individual basis -- we are wicked, and he is wicked and therefore, everything he espouses or tries to accomplish is wicked as well.

Democrats don’t want to destroy America, they want to destroy us, and in particular, Donald Trump.  We deserve it for who we are.

Right now, they are in the process of replacing execrable Americans with people who they believe will be better for the country, for America.  Therefore, they can’t ever agree on funding for a wall -- a wall would only make that harder. 

We should all beware of what they will do with us when replacement is no longer an option.  After all, we already know what they are capable of -- they show us every day.