The Crucifixion of James Watson

CNN reports: "James Watson, who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA alongside Francis Crick in the 1950s based on the work of British chemist Rosalind Franklin, said in a PBS film that genes cause a difference in intelligence between white and black people in IQ tests.

"The 90-year-old's comments were labeled 'reprehensible' by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) on New York's Long Island, where Watson had been the director from 1968 to 1993.

The laboratory said it 'unequivocally rejects the unsubstantiated and reckless personal opinions Dr. James D. Watson expressed,' noting the statements were 'reprehensible [and] unsupported by science[.]'"

Watson was shortly relieved of his administrative duties, but not his title.

Among other "reckless" statements attributed to the Nobel winner, Watson implied what has been statistically proved over and over: that stupidity is linked to genes.  In CNN's report, the word "unsubstantiated" stands out most glaringly, especially in light of the existence of a warehouseful of substantiation to support Watson – for example, documented statistical IQ differences among the races among humanity.

We cannot divine intent from an off-the-cuff comment made by a genius whose body of work has been of incalculable benefit to mankind – especially when science backs his comments.  Rather, we determine using verified data from corroborated sources the range of intelligence – and therefore intellectual output and performance – among various races.  The reader can then decide for himself if the cited genius was correct in his assessment.  None of these comments is meant to defend the reprehensible, the inexcusable, or the injustice that groupthink, ostracism, socialism, racism, and anti-Semitism have wrought on mankind.

The various reports and commentary filtering though the groupthink media illustrate the disingenuous thinking behind them: that while they assert that stupidity "should not be" linked to genes, the actual evidence suggests that intelligence indeed is.  Science, math, and statistics draw conclusions based on not what ought to be, or what will not offend, but what is.

A Race-Based I.Q. Conspiracy?

Not surprisingly, the selfsame cast of characters who have conspired to nullify the votes of 63 million Americans and overthrow the government of the United States also want to bury for good Watson the man and his story.  They take affront and even resort to violence to exclude those whose opinion does not submit to their view and will ostracize and shout down the only diversity worth having: the diversity of opinion.

For the same political left that can exclude white people from colleges and freely lecture people about "white privilege," it appears that white people have become an irritant merely for performing better than others.  Their mere existence oppresses everyone else.  The Jew, of course, being mostly white and performing even better than the general white gene pool, is just a greater irritant.

The criminality behind the crucifixion of James Watson, who at his age can no longer defend himself, is revealed by the evidence of the chart seen here.

Cause and Effect

While normalized bell curves have been corroborated by many studies, among white supremacists, the Jews are blamed for what reactionaries and radicals call "negative impact."  They object to the universal Jewish commitment to and defense of human dignity, the civil and human rights of blacks, and other arguably oppressed groups.  For the Jews' critics, the problem has always been the existence of Jews who outperform others.  This animus extends to eminently successful Israel, too, a multiracial, multicultural state filled with Jews whose performance is legendary.  I.Q. inequality as well as income inequality in many parts of the world is blamed on the Jews, who have little to do with either.  The problem has always been Jewish I.Q. and Jewish excellence, and that Jews participate in the free economies around the world, compete, and win.  Add into this mix the chronic left-wing belief about winners and underdogs.  True Believers are marinated in the noxious idea that one man's success is somehow responsible for another's failure, absence of reality-based thinking, and bad decisions throughout his life.

The highest race-based I.Q. is actually found in the Ashkenazi Jews – a whopping 117 average as measured in Israel and across the globe.  They are followed by East Asians of China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan – 107 – followed by various countries of Caucasians, which range from 98 to 106 depending on the white population.

Jews make up one quarter percent (0.0025) of the global population while their intellectual output represents 25% of the global total.

Rather than focusing on Watson, what we might have genuine concern about is the global decline of average I.Q. brought about by population increases in third-world nations, the multicultural and diversity influx in developed nations, and the movement of these groups into Europe and the Americas.  These factors lower the intellectual output per capita as well as the overall intelligence and wealth of those nations.  (Note: Israel's numbers are depressed by 25-30% Arabs and Africans living in Israel.  Hungary, a tiny nation with many universities and resistant to migrant influx, scores well, indeed!)

James Watson's assumptions are based on science, measurement, statistics, and hundreds of genetic and socioeconomic studies corroborating each other.  All conclusions are linked to genetics, a science in which Watson is the pre-eminent scholar.  Insofar as what has been proven about James Watson, racial hatred isn't evident.

Regardless of how people "feel" about race, human accomplishment, and integrity, third-world people didn't invent and develop the automobile, the steam locomotive, the combustion engine, jet aircraft, hypersonics, Google, the P.C., the iPhone, the internet, vacuum tubes and microchips, modern medicine, the x-ray machine, the MRI, the CTS, nuclear imaging, antibiotics and anti-cancer products, kidney transplants, eyeglasses and cataract surgery, the violin, the piano, every other instrument of the grand orchestra, digital communications, Nike and Adidas, high-end cuisine, or Hollywood and film, nor did they put men's footprint on the Moon's surface and a Tesla on a whimsical intergalactic journey.  Europeans and Americans did.

In this light, it may be uncomfortable to admit it, but men and women of European, Christian, and Jewish ancestry have created western civilization as we know it.  Intelligence and race had everything to do with it.  And none of them in their pursuit of excellence resorted to whining about oppression, tribalism, identity politics based on their skin color, or calling others racist while doing it.

Science, art, culture, and medicine are painstakingly built up from research that proves or disproves the facts of nature – by testing and retesting.

All the above accomplishments are the result of science and technology, the sum of it innovated 97% by Europeans and Americans, many of Jewish descent.

James Watson happens to be a star among this distinguished group, and partially responsible are his genes.

Feelings of supremacy or superiority are a fatal infection in need of chlorination.  They have to do with pathological low self-esteem, chronic insecurity, and the hatred of oneself.  This goes for black, Asian, white, Hispanic, and Muslim supremacy.

James Watson has shown none of these characteristics and is a superior human being independent of what anyone thinks.  He's superior because of his distinguished research, advanced thinking, commitment to excellence, and brilliant accomplishments.

Science must never be politicized, no matter how warm it gets next summer.  The expulsion, censure, persecution, oppression, and harassment of James Watson for political-cultural reasons is a crime of unconscionable tyranny that must be pushed back.  The attacks on Watson are the same kind of oppression that has targeted races and peoples for genocide.

Whatever you may think of James Watson as a human being, or of the importance of intelligence, science, and measurement for human existence and survival, the evidence is clear.  There are substantial variations in human intelligence and accomplishment among races and peoples, and between groups of people.  There are substantial differences in the intellectual output and potential for success among people, individuals, and groups.  Accordingly, there will be substantial differences in the results.

High I.Q. and great accomplishment should be honored, nurtured, and celebrated, not ostracized, resented, and envied.

All of these words reaffirm the observations about intelligence and race correctly made by James Watson.