The American Psychological Association and Toxic Femininity

The American Psychological Association's hallucination-cum-epiphany that traditional masculinity is harmful to society proves that its members need their heads examined.  It's bewildering that they even contemplate, let alone express, this emotional reasoning, which runs counter to their mission of advancing psychology as a science.  I have a news flash for them: America became great thanks to traditional masculinity.  America is the home of the brave.

Rather than science, the APA's twisted pronouncement reeks of sexist pathos and reflects a pessimistic political agenda.  It's just not good mental hygiene; in fact, labeling an entire group negatively is one of the cognitive distortions that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy seeks to alleviate.  Unless the APA is completely engulfed by the extremist elements of the #MeToo movement subsumed by a toxic, anti-male vendetta, why would it descend into this mad morass?  It is repeating the mistakes of academia.

Other cognitive distortions exhibited by the APA, such as emotional and motivated reasoning (generating arguments to corroborate a worldview), also pervade our college campuses.  The consequences are dreadful: confused and disoriented students who must tread carefully on trigger-warning eggshells scattered between safe zones.  Ever vigilant lest they inadvertently offend a protected group's evolving sensibilities, many become mentally strained, even teetering on psychosis.

Labeling tends to make people miserable; nevertheless, the misguided APA is undermining its purpose of helping people cope with life issues and mental health problems.  Legitimizing the divisive label of toxic masculinity encourages feminist stalwarts to disregard distinctions.  Rationalizing their warped feelings, the APA has given them cover to malign an entire sex.  Ultimately, this will make them even unhappier and nuttier.  Women are already much more prone to depression and anxiety, and the APA's anti-male propaganda will embolden their vindictive psychoses and likely accelerate their use (and abuse) of prescription drugs.

Reining in fervent feminists is already challenging, so let's add some perspective.  Let's explore so-called traditional masculinity and contrast it with toxic femininity.

Ultimately, the toughness, stoicism, self-sufficiency, and machoism that are supposed manifestations of toxic masculinity are linked to our hormones.  Yep, men have testosterone – respect it!  Psychologists are already more screwed up that the rest of us, so why fight the inevitable?  They'll only be driven to distraction by resisting nature's imperatives.  Besides, it's not all bad; indeed, there are many benefits to traditional masculinity.

The male traits of competitiveness and dominance that the APA deplores were crucial in wresting comfort from the tight grasp of an unforgiving nature.  Frankly, males built society from a state of nature.  Resolute women helped mightily, with their own brand of competitive fortitude.  Remarkably, in testament to good ol' fashioned femininity, they also managed to make home and hearth warm and cozy and tended to our natural desires.  I wonder if the fairer sex were actually happier back then.

Overwhelmingly, males risk their safety to build the infrastructure that is crucial to commerce and modern convenience.  Overwhelmingly, men fight wildfires and rebuild communities after natural disasters.  Watching videos of rescues is heartwarming, not toxic.  Recently, a horse was saved from a Huntington Beach dumpster.  Check out this recent picture, and notice that the men are doing the heavy lifting while a woman pets the hapless horse.

To be fair, both men and women contribute to our great military and law enforcement community; it's noteworthy that many of them internalize values associated with traditional masculinity that the APA ridicules.  A can-do, competitive spirit also bolsters the men and women who must thwart the hordes of illegal aliens descending on our borders.

Anecdotally, I have roamed my neighborhood many times.  While I see accomplished women tending garden, even mowing now and then, not once have I seen one fixing tiles on a roof or scaling a tree with a chainsaw to cut dangling branches.  Neither, in all my years of driving, have I witnessed a female driver pull over on the highway and shimmy under a stranded motorist's car with tools.  These are things "toxic" males do with minimal fuss.

Traditional masculinity doesn't seem so bad after all.  Instead of enabling seething rompipalli to bust our...chops, the APA could truly help people cope with life's vicissitudes by focusing on toxic femininity.  It's pervasive; some well known purveyors include Maxine Waters, Hillary (it's OK to be uncivil), Pelosi (who seems to discount white men), Hawaii's Senator Hirono (men should shut up), and Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib (impeach the MFer).

In fact, much of the #MeToo movement has become toxic, especially the "guilty until proven innocent" purveyors.  Look how it infected the girl chucking chocolate milk over nice college Republicans.  More than toxic, it's just one of many examples of Intermittent Explosive Disorder that has gripped diseased liberals.  Toxic femininity may even fester within the APA itself.  It certainly propelled the "feel-bad liberalism" behind the man-hating Gillette ad.

Toxic femininity begins with the cognitive distortions, such as overgeneralization and jumping to conclusions, which riddle P.C. and feminist orthodoxy.  The perverse thinking pollutes their delicate psyches, propelling many proponents into mental anguish.  Depressed and anxious, they fixate on phantom threats, even boldly concocting incidents that never happened.  Remember the toxic environment instigated by Justice Kavanaugh's accusers, backed by feverish feminist?

I cherish and respect women, which is why it's worth confronting the fact that their toxicity also disrupts domestic tranquility.  Indeed, this is one of several studies that reveals that "women perpetrate physical and emotional abuse, and engage in control behaviors, at comparable rates to men."  Nevertheless, men have the power to smite, while women only spite, so when the cops show up, it's men who are carted off.

Though I can't think of as many positive side benefits of toxic femininity (mud wrestling? lingerie football?), for the sake of domestic harmony – indeed, for its own sake – we need wonderful women to be happy and succeed.  However, derogatorily labeling the inherent characteristics of an entire sex, for heaven's sake, is perverted propaganda that doesn't improve people's lives or benefit society.  It contradicts the APA's stated mission.

We want, and need, women to thrive and prosper.  We also need men to participate, especially in a society that flourishes because of, not in spite of, competition and meritocracy.  We already tried to do away with competition during the failed self-esteem movement.  All it did was produce a bunch of entitled snowflakes who believed, contrary to all evidence, that they are "special."

Rather than socially engineer androgynous automatons, or futilely try to revoke millennia of natural development, perhaps some of the multitude of scholarships and mentoring now aimed at girls should be reallocated to boys who are being left behind.

The APA's coddling of the feminist mind is wrought with cognitive distortions, such as emotional reasoning, labeling, and blaming, that often lead to anxiety and depression that foment toxic explosions.  Is the APA's mission to promote mental hygiene or a political agenda?  One thing's for sure: these people are enabling toxic behavior from women who feel compelled to blame their own inadequacies and despondency on men.

It bears repeating: America is the home of the brave, not the land of emasculated sissies beholden to crazed and toxic feminists.