Real Women Don't Need a Women's March

Real women know how to handle toxic masculinity without feminist and radical lawyers organizing silly marches wearing pink pussy hats. Real women were laughing at these so-called well-educated females who marched with disdain against the newly elected president whom many real women voted for. Under the banner of women’s rights many young women are marching in ignorance of history. Women’s rights were secured by real women in the 20th century. The rights that today’s feminists are fighting for are sheer evil; the rights to kill innocent full term unborn babies.

Looking over the vulgar signs at the women’s marches across the nation and comparing them with the life affirming uplifting signs at the right to life march was not only illuminating but downright depressing. The women’s march had a young pre-teen girl holding a sign that read, “Pussy grabs back” while grinning as if she knew what that sign meant. At the RTL march, a young girl around the same age held a sign that read, “My cousin has Down’s syndrome. He is perfect in God’s eyes and mine.”

I asked my millennial daughter what she thought of the women’s marches and she answered, “They are so dumb. You can’t call them ‘the women’s march’ if they don’t allow all women to march.”  Everything about the women’s marches, the signs, the speeches are all fake. They espouse the pro-choice mandate but they only accept the choices that meet their agenda. God forbid a woman chooses to stay at home and raise her children, to oppose abortion or regard marriage as a sacrament between a man and woman. If a woman chooses to be Jewish and support Israel, she will not be welcomed at these left wing events.

In an earlier column I noted,

For one thing, women have to stop paying attention to feminist leaders who preach about women’s rights only when advocating abortion but will not speak out to express outrage when Sharia law murders innocent Muslim women. These militant organizers of pussy-hat women marches have ignored the victims of  sexual predators like Bill Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner because they are Democrats and fund abortion. They lauded and elevated Ted Kennedy to statesmen status in spite of his murderous history in Chappaquiddick.

There are good feminist organizations that promote women’s self worth and heath issues without political demagoguery. At least I’m sure there are but can’t name one.

For the past few decades we have been actually witnessing toxic feminism that seeks to destroy all that is traditional about the genders. Biologically there are only two, male and female and they are created with different qualities that ensure the survival of the species. Real women have always known how to deal with these differences, and as time has progressed our legitimate rights have been secured through their mighty efforts. Today’s feminists prefer to blur biology in favor of endorsing the nonsensical restructuring of the reality of our humanity. Why can’t we call this inane agenda by what it is: insanity?  Transgender parents in England preparing to transgender their 5 year-old son into a female and this is not considered child abuse? Identity politics is dividing the nation as much as fake news and faux racist attacks.

One of the most embarrassing photos taken at the women’s march show a man wearing a pink pussy hat carrying a sign that reads, “feminist dad.”  Actually, that hat he was wearing describes him perfectly.

I’ll give the marchers the benefit of the doubt by assuming they are naïve rather than evil, but anyone who continues to deny the truth of what Planned Parenthood actually does is deserving of the latter label. Women, you have lost your souls if you have watched the videos of PP staffers excited about selling fetal body parts for cash and aren’t horrified.

From the very beginning of the women’s movement I sensed it was not anything I’d be interested in as I have always loved a masculine man. In spite of the awful experiences I encountered in my childhood, I was saved from antipathy for the male because my father loved me, and I had a holy mother who shared her faith with us.

Forty-nine years ago, I met my handsome masculine former Marine dreamboat who now waits on me hand and foot. He does my laundry, prepares my meals, rubs my feet and will fetch whatever I need. I have only to ask him and he will do so. Why? Because I am suffering a relapse of a condition which leaves me bedridden and unable to stand.  In 2015 I was confined to a wheelchair for months but I am quite sure this relapse will be much shorter thanks to my hubby’s superb ministrations.

This is how a real man treats a real woman who has always loved and cared for him and our six children.  This is how he shows solidarity and respect for women not by wearing a pink hat at a stupid parade. Oh and by the way, he won’t ever buy Gillette razors again.

I feel pity for all those marchers who’ve chosen to denigrate all men siding instead with toxic feminists who’ve left their souls on the altar of Planned Parenthood with the bodies of 54 million innocent human beings. May God forgive them.