Don't Pretend Drag Queens at Libraries Aren't Promoting Anything to Kids

Just when you think the left can't behave worse, we find the inspiring story of public library officials in a Detroit suburb heroically defending their "children's story hour hosted by drag queens." Since 2017, the Huntington Woods library has been hosting "Drag Queen Story Time," where little kids are read to by characters like former Miss Motor City Pride, "Miss Raven Divine Cassadine."  Library official Joyce Krom discovered the San Francisco-born program online, after she followed a Google Alert promoting literacy.  Huntington Woods, a "progressive, diverse community," shares borders with three other woke towns – Ferndale, Royal Oak, and Berkley – which taken together constitute the highest concentration of "CoeXist" bumper stickers outside of California.  Consequently, nearly all city officials fully support DQSH, because they want to keep their jobs.  But one city...(Read Full Article)
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