Who Will Own the Oil Fields?

Three months before the Empire of Japan attacked the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi) forces looked to attack Iran for access to the Persian oil fields.  Japanese forces had been at war with China and had been heavily reliant on imported materials for their military forces, particularly oil from the fields in and around Long Beach, California.  President Roosevelt cut off American oil to Japan, and British and Soviet Union forces thwarted Nazi incursion into the oil fields of the Middle East.  With little oil trickling into Germany or Japan to feed their military industrial bases, the war-fighting would soon cease.

In those early days the American left, the communist sympathizers like Alger Hiss, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, half of Hollywood, and countless others who did everything they could to undermine the United States.  Plans for aircraft, manufacturing, and nuclear technologies were stolen by friends of Moscow and found their way to some office in the Kremlin.  But the left could not alter the trajectory of the expanding U.S. petroleum industry.  Cheap energy made the economy boom.

In the 1960s and '70s, the Democratic Party, through public policy and its proxies, primarily the environmentalists, made to strangle the oil industry, hamstring the aviation and transportation industries, kill supersonic transport programs, curtail offshore drilling, and choke the coal and nuclear power industries, all under the rubric of environmentalism.  Remember, the ozone layer was being decimated by all that pollution, and Iron Eyes Cody was shedding tears on TV, hoping to keep America beautiful. 

The environmentalists lobbied hard and had some successes.  However, try as they might, American capitalists still controlled the energy sector and especially the oil fields.

History shows that when socialists and communists succeed in revolutions or civil wars, the first thing the new leaders do is to nationalize the natural resources of the country.  These men controlled their country's natural resources as well as their nation's treasury and enriched themselves. 

Lefty studies with predetermined outcomes were offered as proof that the right, Republicans specifically, are interested only in dirty air and dirty water.  It is another way of saying capitalist control of the energy sector needs to be under the control of a more altruistic group, someone who cares about dirty air and dirty water.

The left's main problem is that America is huge, and the government is very strong and hard to overthrow.  Gaining direct control of America's oil would have to come from something other than revolution.  Has not the left embarked on a strategy of disinformation, to emphasize perceived negatives and dire consequences that would naturally disqualify oil?  Remember, at first their anti-petroleum campaign focused on the impending doom of "global cooling."  New York City was going to freeze over in the next ice age, which would likely occur "in the next few years."  Americans were to blame.  We were told incessantly that we were burning up more than our fair share of resources, primarily oil.  Americans and their cars.

Charlatan scientists who didn't know how a watch worked became experts on the climate.  They soon determined that global cooling was not well thought out, as it provided a greater reason for more oil-drilling in order for the masses to stay warm.  So "global warming" became the left's new strategy to control the oil fields.  Oil is "bad," and renewables, like wind and solar and batteries, are "good."  Remove oil from the equation, and all will be better, they claimed.  Our plan to leave that nasty oil in the ground is the only solution.

The global warming industry is nothing more than a scheme to disqualify oil and replace control of the oil fields with "alternatives" such as windmills, solar cells, geothermals, and other inefficient means and uneconomical methods of power generation. 

There is no science behind global warming or the left's latest poll-tested iteration, climate change.  The left's version of climate change is fake news.  Fake news, fake science, fake terror.  Newsflash for liberals: Throughout the Earth's history, the climate has changed.  T-Rex didn't drive a SUV contributing to his downfall, making the ice caps melt, and drowning him in miles of ocean debris until the next ice age came along. 

When Lenin led the Russian Revolution, one of his first official acts as comrade-leader was to nationalize Russia's natural resources.  The wealthy were stripped of their possessions and found themselves as slaves working the gold and silver mines, where the freshly mined gold and silver went into Lenin's private vault.  The communist Nicolás Maduro sits on one of the world's largest oil reserves.  The people of Venezuela are starving and eating their house pets while, reportedly, his daughter is worth billions.  Vladimir Putin and the other KGB colonels were the ultimate opportunists: after the Soviet Union dissolved, they assumed control of the oil fields and became Russian billionaires.

This is what communists do when they gain control their country's natural resources.  This is what the left in America desires.  Not for altruism.  Not that they care for anyone or the environment.  For the control of oil.

You wonder why the left in America and Europe are so mad at President Trump for killing the Iran nuclear deal?  Churchill and Stalin stopped Hitler from pillaging the Iranian oil fields.  President Trump stopped all the signatories of the Iranian nuclear deal from making millions from the oil that would be no longer embargoed or prohibited under sanctions.  It's the Iranian oil, stupid.

That's how oil transactions work when you can't steal the country and its natural resources.  Yes, this is another thing that the election of Donald Trump stopped.  He also stopped the carpet bombing of the American energy sector by onerous regulations from Washington Democrats and their friends on the left.  When congress passes a law prohibiting incandescent light bulbs and only allows for much more expensive "alternatives," the American public will be forced to pay more for the same service: light.  Remember Obama said energy prices would have to necessarily skyrocket.  Someone has to pay for all that Democrat-mandated and priced clean air and clean water.  Green energy is big business and those stinking green energy light bulbs don't last and aren't worth a crap.

In America, these snake oil climate change salesmen cannot directly overthrow a czar or a rapacious communist dictator in order to control the American oil fields.  Their get rich quick scheme has been to beat the drum that oil is bad and terrorize an uniformed United States population with a cock and bull story that the world will come to an early end unless Americans reject the poison of petroleum and embrace the clean, the green, the skyrocket prices of light bulbs, windmills and solar panels while you drive your tiny government-mandated electric car.  Cue Al Gore: "Climate change is real!"

We must not allow the Democrats and their friends on the left to control America's oil fields.  To do so, will mean a slow and painful death for America.

Joseph Stalin said, "In the final analysis, that is what it is all about, who will own the oil fields…?" 

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