Who Are the Actual Adults, and Who Are the Adults Who Act and Govern as Children?

In 2000 when George W. Bush picked Cheney as his running mate, the word of the day for the media puppets was “gravitas.”  Now, the talking points that have gone out (obviously) suggest words like “chaos” or some version of “who are the adults in the room?”

When these same media puppets wholeheartedly supported a community organizer with few legislative accomplishments, not once did I hear the word gravitas to suggest he was lacking. I also do not recall journalists using the word chaos and looking for adults in the room no matter what he said or did and no matter how weak the results were.

Obama had four Defense Secretaries and the first three were critics of what he did, but somehow the media and other Democrats didn’t care, nor say how dangerous and chaotic it was. 

Ex-defense secretaries among toughest critics of Obama's military strategy

When I think of adults who act like children, I think of words and phrases such as:

  • inexperienced,
  • Inability to learn from history,
  • just repeat what they are told without questions,
  • possessive and living in a fantasy World by just pretending and making things up. 

We have seen a child who for the past nine years has claimed he brought the country out of a severe recession even though it ended around 110 days after he took office, before his policies could have had any effect.

For eight years we had children running the economic policy which gave us the slowest economic recovery in seventy years despite almost zero interest rates, a massive Federal Reserve infusion of money, massive increases in government spending and around a $10 trillion increase in federal debt.

Today, we have an adult who learned from history that capitalism, the private sector, lower taxes and fewer regulations are the way to make the economy thrive. We currently have economic growth over three percent (much faster than the children said the economy could grow) and exceptionally low unemployment rates.

The egotistical child, who said the economy couldn’t grow this fast, is now out there taking credit for the growth, even though the policies are the opposite of his.

For eight years, the children running the economic policies blocked drilling and pipeline projects. The adult has opened up drilling, and now the narcissistic, ignorant child is taking credit for the increased production.

Only a child would draw a red line in Syria with no intent on enforcing it. Childlike creatures named Obama and Kerry made an agreement with the tyrannical dictator Assad to pretend to get rid of all his chemical weapons. To make sure the dictator complied, they relied on another tyrannical dictator, Putin. Adults would understand that wouldn’t work. 

The child

  • backed away from the U.S. agreement to put missile shields up in the Czech Republic and Poland to appease Putin,
  • refused to provide defensive weapons to Ukraine, which appeased Putin,
  • said he would be flexible with Russia if he won in 2012,
  • laughed at Romney when he said Russia and Putin were dangerous,
  • allowed Uranium One to go to Russia,
  • did not enforce the red line in Syria,
  • made deals with Cuba and Iran which are allies with Russia,
  • gave a stand down order to stop investigating Russian hacking to the cyber security chief in the summer of 2016,  

and not once did we hear from the media puppets or Democrats that Obama was a Putin puppet.

The adult we now have in the White House

  • has provided Ukraine with defensive weapons,
  • has lifted our oil production, which hurts Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others,
  • has asked NATO to up their defense spending to protect against Russia and others, and
  • has told Germany and Europe to stop relying on Russia for energy needs,

yet journalists, in complicity with other Democrats, say that Trump is Putin’s man.

The child had been saying terrorists were on the run in 2012 so it was very inconvenient that Americans were under attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Instead of trying to rescue the Americans, especially since we had no idea how long the attacks would last, the child got with other children to concoct a lie about a video. The children were much more concerned that they maintain their power than to save lives and tell the truth. Adults would have tried to save the Americans and would have had empathy for the families of those who died.

The child was trying to enhance his legacy, so he thought a good idea would be to get a deal with the terrorist-sponsoring Iran that still pledges death to America. (Adults would have known how stupid that is). The child had other children he had surrounded himself with create lies to spread through journalists. The children knew that these journalists would just repeat what they were told, no questions asked.

Children, like Obama, Schumer, Hillary and Biden, voted for a border fence when they wanted to act like they were tough on illegal aliens, but they had no intent to fund it. They don’t have to worry about the media calling them out. They know they will be supported no matter how often they switch what they are pretending about.

Children want to maintain their power no matter what they need to do. They may pay others over $10 million to create a fake dossier to destroy their opponent. They know they have other children throughout the FBI, Justice Department, Intelligence Departments and other government agencies who also wanted to maintain their power along with almost all the media who also want to destroy the same person. After the opponent wins the election, the fictitious Russian collusion stories will run endlessly and endless investigations will begin. The children, after all, were entitled to win, so they must blame someone or something else for the losses.

The FBI and Justice Department children continually protected Hillary and other people surrounding Obama from prosecution while targeting political opponents. Then, they along with the complicit media, regurgitate the fiction that no one is above the law and that there is equal treatment under the law.

In summary, most of the media has for decades been willing to repeat Democrat talking points as if they are facts no matter what they say or do, and have been willing to destroy Republicans no matter what they say or do. Actual children could do better.

Image credit: Pixabay

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