Trump the Nationalist and the Role of the Modern USA

The decision of President Donald Trump to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria and Afghanistan led to the announced departure on December 20, 2018 of secretary of defense James Mattis, four-star general, often regarded as a force for stability in the administration.  Policy differences between Mattis and the president already existed over a number of issues: NATO, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, the Iran nuclear deal, proposal for a military Space Force, American attitudes to allies. Irrespective of the controversy over Mattis's departure, more important is the issue of the desirable role of the United States in world affairs: should the U.S. continue or expand its overseas activities and be the leader of the global order, or should it reduce its commitments and withdraw from certain areas? President George Washington in his Farewell Address on September 19, 1796 spoke of the need for the new U.S to "pursue a different course."  It is, he argued, true...(Read Full Article)
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