The News Media: A Hazardous Product With No Warning Label

To be most useful, information must be accurate, straight and uncolored. This applies to news reporting as well as to any other form of communication involving the transfer of information, whether it be street directions, how to assemble a knocked-down product, programming a computer, or what-have-you. But with news channels owned by or beholden to corporate media moguls, the information gets to the recipients through filters that lead the public to sponsor-endorsed conclusions and choices. Such doctored information in the news creates a public whose “public opinion” is in fact corporate opinion. This is a corruption of the “democratic process” big time. Reporting is so bollixed up with comment that it’s hard to distinguish between what is happening and what is being said about what is happening. A large percent of sentences that issue from the mouths of TV anchors contain inferences that don’t even follow from the presented facts. With...(Read Full Article)
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