The GOP Needs to Stop Being the Stupid Party

There is a popular saying among libertarians: “Liberals are evil and conservatives are stupid.” Needless to say that both sides strongly object to this characterization.

The totalitarian aspects of leftism should be evident to all by now, though they insist that their goals and tactics are for our own good.

The GOP is known as the Stupid Party, and with very good reason. In the two years that they have controlled the White House and the Congress, Republicans could have eliminated the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, HUD, withdrawn troops from Afghanistan, built the wall, defunded sanctuary cities, eliminated all foreign aid (one trillion dollars), and used the money for infrastructure.

In fact, the economic turnaround in this country came from one source: the White House. In a flurry of deregulation, Donald Trump alone has improved the economy.

Now consider this: the Republican Party’s files were hacked when the Republican establishment used the very same outfit that the DNC used when its files were hacked. Now, is that not stupid?

Consider this also: although they controlled the government, they made no effort to stop the Deep State using government funds for leftist causes, such as transgender, LGBTQLMAO.  Is that not stupid?

Consider also that a number of Republicans (e.g., Marco Rubio, Paul Hurd, Lindsay Graham, have attempted to have illegal immigrants become U.S. citizens -- knowing full well that they will vote Democratic. Is that not stupid?

Consider especially the midterm elections. How is it possible that Muslim terrorist attacks in the U.S. ceased, the GDP reached 4.1%, wages have gone up, the stock market burst through the roof, NATO has been forced to pay up, North Korea stopped launching missiles, bonuses have been given out to workers, overall unemployment declined, Hispanic unemployment went down, black unemployment is the lowest since 1972, taxes were reduced, past regulations anulled, black entrepreneurship increased 400%, fewer people used food stamps, China has been put in its place -- and yet the GOP lost control of the House??

True, it was a “blue creek,” as one liberal pundit wailed, instead of the forecasted Blue Wave, and true, some of those seats were lost by razor-thin margins (including a race decided by one vote), but it should have been a Red Wave. Republicans, on the other hand, added one or two seats to the Senate so they, too, feel victorious.

The answer is that the Republican politicians were stupid. Not once did they ride the crest. Not once did they mention the improvements, simply hoping that the American voter (with his notoriously short attention span) would remember. Instead, they used the same old agencies that put out the same old ads that we’re all heartily sick of and tune out. You know the ones: (a) “Democratic X voted for that bill and that is bad” (b) “Republican A has a wife and two kids and was in the service so that qualifies him to be in Congress” (c) “Democratic Y is supported by Nancy Pelosi and that is bad” (d) “Republican B says the Federal government is too big,” with the candidates “talking” and “listening” to jest plain folks -- actors (when was the last time you actually saw -- much less talked with -- a politician?). At the local level, many Republican headquarters were understaffed, disorganized, and cliquish, run by geriatrics with one foot in the grave.

The main cause of the Republican establishment’s stupidity is that it is totally disconnected from the rank, and file and is either clueless or uninterested. Indeed, many in the rank and file view them with as much loathing as they do leftists. They see the career politicians as self-serving opportunists, interested only in the perks of office holding, lacking any principles other than mild adherence to the Second Amendment and prolife positions which they occasionally blather to the yahoos back home to make them salivate and return them to office.

It’s just that the Democrats are far worse.

Does that really sound too harsh? Then consider the many issues which the rank and file are up in arms about: Antifa, Marxist indoctrination in universities and public schools, transgender indoctrination of children, crimes by illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, persecution of libertarians and conservatives in workplaces and universities, death threats against the President, censorship and deplatforming of libertarian and conservative views by Patreon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Paypal. And yet, which Republican congressman has spoken out about these issues (apart from Ted Cruz and Donald Trump --which is why the MSM constantly demonizes them)? Who? Todd Young? James Lankford? Cory Gardner? John Cornyn? Mia Love? None! All that they really seem to be interested is in looking distinguished, enjoying the perks of office, and making sure that neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post nor NBC notices them.

When Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D'Souza, or Milo Yiannopoulos give a lecture, it is at full, sold out, venues. When George Wills, Max Boot, Karl Rove, or Brett Stephens give a lecture, you can hear the crickets chirp. And the same is true for Republican Establishment politicians (unless you're a lobbyist, would you pay $10-$40 to hear Cornyn, Costello, or Lankford? Would you even bother attending?).

At the state level, it is much worse. Some of them are practically mouth-breathers.

This assessment may appear to be overly harsh, but totalitarians are on the march and all we have is a contingent of clowns standing in their way. The public keeps hoping that their political leaders at the federal and state level will rise to the occasion and fight back with the power that they have. But they don’t.

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