The Canard about 'Voodoo Economics' is Back as the Left Remembers Bush

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell, and many other supposed journalists, repeatedly write about economics as if they know what they are talking about. Problem is, they repeatedly show how ignorant they are. Of all the things she could possibly say about the late President George H.W. Bush as his funeral goes on, she compliments the man for calling President Reagan’s tax cuts “Voodoo Economics." It's absurd. President George H.W. Bush fully embraced the Reagan Revolution as his loyal vice president and his legacy of greatness is at least partly connected to Reagan's. But Rampell is still stuck on the campaign rhetoric of 1980, where Reagan and Bush competed for the Republican candidacy and Bush used the term 'voodoo economics' to unseat Reagan, something the voters didn't buy. Bush was apparently willing to forget about that, as he embraced being Reagan's running mate. But Rampell talks of that fleeting moment as if it were the...(Read Full Article)
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