Hate-Soaked Liberals Go Hunting for Rudolph the Reindeer

'Tis the season of peace on earth, goodwill toward men – or "persons," to be politically correct.  Presumably, this joyous time of year should bring out the best in everyone, especially Democrats, whom Cory Booker sanctimoniously bundled together as "the party of universal love."

But the venom of hatred pumping hard and fast through the bloodstream of liberals ever since Donald Trump landed unexpectedly in the White House is as hard to process into the milk of human kindness as are stones into bread.

There is no end to the liberal tsunami of anger swirling around the sitting president.  Now it's spilling over onto less obvious targets.  The laudable forgive-and-forget role model of George H.W. Bush was rare enough in politics to be remarked upon several times during his eulogies.  And while Democrats may seem conveniently to "forget" what they said in the past about guys like the 41st president, they will likely never truly "forgive" him.

Among the seasonal liberal gripes are the lyrics to the Christmas song "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," considered by them an extreme example of bullying unfit for kiddy consumption.  If the righteous left had its way, no conflict would allowed to enter the life of any child, especially not at holiday time.

To be fair, there have been sporadic complaints in Christmases past about the questionable "message" to young listeners by Rudolph's belittlers.  At least initially, it stomps on the concepts of kindness and empathy.  Yet the fact that in the end, everything appears to work to the satisfaction of the song's entire cast of characters has somehow kept the pack of P.C. police at bay. Until now.

Nobody loves a bully.  The liberal "bully pulpit" has taken full advantage of that fact.  But in the case of Rudolph's tormentors, the morally zealous liberal establishment may have missed the real outrage.  By building their case on the bullying, they overlook an even more troubling message in that song, perhaps because they suffer from the same sin.

Little Rudolf is first scorned for his proboscis, then praised for it.  Consider what prompted this reversal of fortune.  It was hardly benevolence on the part of the other reindeer.  Nor were they suddenly dazzled by a halo of tolerance. It was a matter of self-interest that caused them to see the outlier member of the herd in a new light.

The ugly truth is that the acceptance of Rudolph was selfishly based on what he could do for them when the chips were down.  This was as clear to them as the bright red nose on his face!  On that foggy Christmas Eve, they made a pragmatic decision to embrace Rudoph solely because his unusual facial feature would benefit them in the rough sledding ahead.

The same thing is happening in today's murky political landscape.  An impenetrable fog of loathing has settled over our nation's capital.  Like Santa and his sleigh-mates, the Democrats and their determined team of Trump-loathers are on a special mission.  More than a matter of getting toys and goodies to every mother's child, their objective is to deliver the career-changing goods on the president – and to Ensure that he never has a white Christmas in the White House again.

Like the reindeer who shouted out for glee when they recognized that Rudy could pull their fur out of the fire, so, too, do the Democrats sing Hosannahs praising those who might help them rid the country of Donald Trump.

Take, for example, the latest of the liberals' shamelessly hypocritical ploys: an outpouring of adulation for a former rival, George H.W. Bush.  Most of them detested him when he was president, and even more so when he ran for a second term.  Among the damning rhetoric were charges that he was a wimp, a promise-breaker, an out-of-touch patrician, and even a coward for not having somehow saved his two crewmates when the plane he piloted was shot down over the Pacific in World War II.

They used to laugh and call him names!  At the Democratic National Convention in 1988, fellow Texan politician Governor Ann Richards remarked acidly, "Poor George!  He can't help it.  He was born with a silver foot in his mouth."

The eulogies from the left honoring Senator John McCain were similarly insincere.  Scorned in the past as a make-believe maverick and an unlikely hero, McCain was embraced by Democrats only when he grew too infirm to consider another run for the presidency.  Even more importantly, he became their darling in light of his dislike – and possibly jealousy – for President Trump

That is why the Democrats shouted out with glee for the chance to use others to political advantage against their Pubic Enemy Number One.  For the left, the best Republicans are dead ones.  It's even better if they can somehow demonstrate by example what they dislike about their nemesis – which is everything!

So the Bushes, once detested by Democrats, are now – at least for the moment – admired for having taken issue with Trump.  This even includes Jeb Bush – the same oddly named scion of a disdainful Brahman legacy whom they trashed early on in the 2016 Republican primaries, believing him to be Hillary's likely opponent.

Democrats are adept at working up a sweat of empathy when it suits them.  At the moment, they pretend to be all hot and bothered about poor Rudolph and his red nose.  (They have an aversion to red anyway!)  But make no mistake: they will never thaw for The Donald, no matter how many successful missions he undertakes.

The fact is that Ms. Daniels is not the only element that's Stormy on the political front.  On the post-holiday wish list of the Democrats is a blizzard to bury Donald J. Trump once and for all.