Employment and the Vote

Who would think it wise to allow foreigners the right to make all financial decisions for citizens in the United States as well as share in any of the profits?  The answer for most people would be a resounding "Nobody"!  The primary reason to avoid such an arrangement is that strangers with no skin in the game could then make the riskiest investments with OPM (other people's money).  In the above hypothetical case, foreigners would have everything to gain and nothing to lose while the U.S. citizen assumed all of the risks.

Can you imagine living in such a one-sided relationship? Well, hard-working American taxpayers residing in large liberal cities do it every day. 

Liberal-controlled cities are massively dysfunctional for many reasons, but perhaps the single most destructive element is the unfair redistribution of wealth.  In the liberal mind of equality of outcome, nonworkers can live a lifestyle similar to those working long hours. Through the forced confiscation of income, otherwise known as taxes, liberal city governments place the financial burden on the shoulders of hard-working men and women to pay for the expenses of nonworkers. Very often young working couples put off buying their first home or starting a family because of the resulting higher cost of living and because they are busy paying for the growing number of children being born to nonworkers.

This liberal insanity is all made possible because millions of nonworkers possess the power to vote for politicians who are more than happy to keep the gravy train running.

In a welfare state where those who don't work outnumber and outvote those who work, money will always flow to pay for the expenses of the nonworker. 

Eventually, the ship sinks, as the working class will either realize the futility of their circumstances and also stop working, or the amount of taxes needed to pay for nonworkers exceeds what the society can reasonably pay.

Each election year liberal politicians brazenly and shamelessly make election promises telling the unemployed that if they put them in office, they will forcefully confiscate financial resources from working citizens and convert it into free stuff to give away.  Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York admitted as much when he said that New York taxes are so high because “we believe in providing social services and free college tuition." So we know that liberal politicians get much of their power from the votes of those who leach off society.  An August 2015, a NY Post article stated "One of the problems with these welfare systems is that they can reduce the incentive to increase work effort because beneficiaries would stand to lose most of their earnings through lower benefits or higher taxes, while also having to bear the costs associated with going to work, like transportation."

Radical situations call for radical solutions.  Along with being a U.S. citizen, being employed should also be a prerequisite for gaining the right to vote.  In this way, only those who contribute to wealth control its application.  It's true that at this point leftists with an agenda to destroy the American way of life continue to battle against requiring IDs for a person to vote, so asking voters to provide proof of employment as well is going to go over like a lead balloon.  Nevertheless, in every other aspect of life, it is understood and accepted that "He who pays the piper calls the tune."  It's a kind of tough love way of life, but decisions on how money is managed belong in the hands of those who earn it.