Chuck Todd, Lord of the Flies?

So, according to the not inimitable Chuck Todd, those of us who voted for Trump are "gullible." That we are stupid goes without saying.  Trump "tricked Hillary into responding to non-issues while stupid voters took care of the rest on election day."  Todd went on to say "I knew the gaslighting was out there.... but I think there was part of me in my head that assumed people were discerning it out, knew the BS from the non-BS." This from the allegedly "articulate" Chuck Todd.  Clearly he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  He did not major in journalism or even English -- that is obvious.  He majored in political science, and never graduated.  How he ended up as a news anchor on NBC is a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma."  He is just another leftist ideologue posing as a journalist; like George Stephanopoulos, Chris Matthews, Tom Brokow, et. al.  Ninety-five percent of those who pretend to deliver news to the American people are left-wing activists who consider it their honor and duty to tell the rest of us how to think.  As Todd so freely opined at the "Recode Decode" podcast this week,  they somehow failed to educate us illiterate morons who voted for Trump.  Andrea Mitchell, that desiccated lefty still spouting her idiocy on MSNBC complained that millions of us still get our news from "less well-known pundits across various social media platforms." Uh, yes we do, thank you very much. We are smart enough to know mind-numbed idiots when we see, read and hear them.  Ms. Mitchell (Mrs. Greenspan) is one among many to be thoroughly ignored. 

What is so fantastical about these people, these mainstream media self-appointed czars of information delivery,  is how ignorant they are.  Even Chris Wallace of "Fox News Sunday" seems to be either clueless about or uninterested in the available facts re: the crimes of the Clintons and the Obama administration.  They pretend to be ignorant of the fact that Hillary and the DNC paid for the obviously fabricated "dossier" that was used to get illegitimate FISA warrants that Comey and his cohorts at the FBI and DOJ used to spy, with the hope of entrapment, on the Trump campaign.  They ignore the mountains of evidence that the Obama administration broke countless laws to prevent Trump from becoming President.  These leftists, so confident in their own moral superiority,  believe that we are all so tragically ill-informed, that we are not familiar with these things.  They think we don't know about the Clintons' greedy sale of twenty percent of U.S. uranium, with Robert Mueller's help,  to Russia for millions of dollars to their not-charitable foundation.  The Clintons may well be the greediest couple on the planet.  Newsflash for lefties:  We know all of these things and more.

Obama vowed to "transform America" and indeed he did.  He brought back the notion that America is a racist nation with a vengeance and he did it on purpose.  Obama was a wrecking ball.  He weaponized every agency and institution of American government; the FBI, DoJ, IRS, and CIA to name a few.  He was and remains an agent of maelstrom.  The left thrives on turmoil.  If not restrained, they would transform us into the disintegrating Venezuela or the desperate Paris of today.  Globalist leftists like Obama and Hillary do not care one bit for the citizens of their countries.  They care only about their agenda, their plan to implement a global government of elitists who will dictate how the rest of us, if allowed, can exist.  They intend to control how we live, what we drive, what we eat, how we raise our kids, how and what they will be taught in school, etc.  They're smart, we're not.  They know everything, we know nothing.  But the fact is, we know much more than they do.

Conservatives in America cannot escape the left. We are bombarded with their opinions, their agenda, all day every day.  We cannot open a newspaper without being confronted with their opinions.  We can't watch a sit-com, with one exception, without being assaulted with their ideology.  They, on the other hand, are clueless about our values, our hopes and prayers for this country.  One would have to go looking for them and they most certainly do not go looking for them.  And if they come across them by chance, they dismiss them as lunacy.  They do not consider them, they just dismiss them.  Critical thinking is being bred out of our culture; indoctrination reigns.  Parents!  Do not send your kids to university!  Unless they are impervious to the dictates of the academic left, the values with which you raised them will have been eradicated by the time they graduate.

The American left, like the left all around the world, believes itself to be a higher order of human being.  They are smarter, better, more deserving of power, better able to lead.  The fact that every country they have taken over is destroyed somehow is not a deterrent to their continued quest for power.  Hitler, Stalin, Ceausescu, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Maduro, to name a few, have all led their nations to ruin.  Merkel and Macron are well on their way to the same destructive failures of every other socialist leader on the planet.  New York's own Ocasio-Cortez cannot wait to destroy the U.S. by implementing her economically-insane version of socialism.  Her election absolutely depended upon the ignorance of her constituents.  They can't define socialism but they think they want it.

To hear Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, and all of their equally blinkered colleagues within the left media sermonize on the stupidity of any American who voted for Trump would be amusing if it were not so tragic.  We do not have a mainstream media that loves and  respects America.  They loathe this nation as founded and spout their animus 24/7 on network and cable television.  They scold, insult and deride those of us with whom they disagree.  The women of "The View" literally hurl vitriol at anyone remotely conservative and they do it with pompous relish and obvious incomprehension.  And they of course dismiss the scholarly, informed, "less well-known pundits across various social media platforms."

How did we get here?  The party of JFK is turning over in its grave. Democrats today revere and re-elect corrupt, politicians who have become fabulously wealthy by corrupt means:  Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, to name a few of the worst offenders from California alone.  The list of corrupt Democrats is very long.  Trump voters wanted very much to drain the swamp.  They are the smart ones, the people who love America and want to save us as the constitutional republic we were meant to be.  We chose wisely.  Trump is doing a bang-up job.  As in Lord of the Flies, our civilization is being eroded and undermined by the very people who claim to be its honest brokers.  Chuck Todd and his ilk are the lords of the flies.  They claim to be guardians of civilization while undermining it each and every day.