10 Ways to Be a Good Citizen...and Fight Bad Ones

While many watch the daily stock markets' vagaries, or the volatility of bitcoin valuations, or the price of the dollar against the euro or the yen, they may not as readily be able to quantify the diminution in value of their coveted American citizenship.

A citizen is defined as "a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it."  Citizenship conveys rights and responsibilities that flow to and from citizen and government – rights and responsibilities purportedly not enjoyed by non- citizens.

For decades, American public schools included a course on "civics" as an integral and fundamental part of their curriculum.  Civics teaches what it is to be a citizen; how government is structured, organized, and perpetuated; the history of the country and its admirable traits; the importance of elections; how to vote; and patriotism – love of and loyalty to America.

Lamentably and perilously, civics classes no longer exist in America's schools.  They have been replaced with classes on diversity, gender classifications, toxic masculinity, white privilege, cultural misappropriations, and victimology – hardly a curriculum that facilitates the formation of a healthy functioning adult, marketable in a skill-based competitive workplace, let alone encouraging assimilation and love of country.

There are ways to reverse this downward spiral.

1. Have a heart.  Have a heart for the hardworking Americans who showed up for work every day and now receive an average Social Security monthly payment of $1,200-1,400.  It is not heartless to want them to have a raise instead of the monthly $4,500-6,000 the government elites pay to care for a single illegal.  It has also been unbelievably reported that in some governmental centers, the cost of caring for an illegal teenager is a whopping $1,200 per day.  Follow the money.  Uncover the hypocrites who advocate for illegals while garnering multi-millions for their care.  That money could be paying to improve American infrastructure and retraining for laid off workers,

2. Be lawful, and exact lawfulness from government officials.  Sanctuary cities are oxymoronic.  Harboring illegals, gang members, and criminal fugitives, they provide no sanctuary from crime for law-abiding Americans.  Their existence eviscerates government's fundamental compact with its citizenry to provide for their welfare and safety.

When attorneys and government officials are sworn into office, they take a public oath with hand on a Bible to protect the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America.  Yet, in California, illegals are not only allowed to live and thrive openly, but permitted to become lawyers and practice law while breaking the basic laws they swear to uphold.

3. Insist on due process for any and all individuals accused of any sort of misdeed.  Judicial due process is the cornerstone of our democracy.

4. Demand that your vote count through transparent and fair elections.  Outrageously, illegals are openly allowed to vote in California and more covertly in other jurisdictions.  Daniel John Sobieski comprehensively detailed election outrages prevalent in certain states and the concomitant need for universal voter identification.

Voter registration lists in many states contain three and four different names for the same address.  They also contain the names of many dead people.  These lists must be uniformly purged.  Early voting is expensive and an invitation for voter mischief.  Each of these misdeeds diminishes a the value of a valid vote.  Elect candidates who will overturn these fraudulent practices.

5. Be brave, and ditch the purity.  Democrats orate, attack, dissemble, and break myriad laws readily.  They control education, most media, and the dialogue.  Push back.  Don't be afraid to voice opposition to the inanities of "cultural misappropriation," white privilege, and toxic masculinity mindsets that have gripped American academia for the dangerous and malevolent nonsense that they represent.  Refuse to accept knee-jerk accusations of racial and sex discrimination.  Hold individuals accountable for their actions, and do not give them a pass for their sex or skin color.  Vote for imperfect Republican candidates.

6. Insist on confronting anti-Semitism.  For years, we have been falsely told that the majority of hate crimes in America are perpetrated against Muslims.  In reality, the majority of these crimes are aimed at Jewish people, Jewish synagogues, and Jewish cemeteries.  These attacks have spiked in recent years – long before Donald J. Trump became president.  Call out the anti-Semites who are glorified in the press, support BDS, and are increasingly accepted by members of the Democratic Party.

7. Have the facts on Obamacare.  The poor are covered by Obamacare – as are illegals in many states.  This coverage is bloated and mired in expensive bureaucracy.  At the same time, many middle class Americans do not have any health insurance because they can't afford the premiums and they definitely cannot afford deductibles of up to $6,000 per family member.

8. Highlight the chasm between legal and illegal alien entry into the United States.  The Democrats conflate the categories in their lawless attempt to flood America with an unskilled, aggressive, and fairly anti-American underclass.  Don't let them get away with it.

9. Support President Trump.  Don't be swayed by snarky comments regarding his tone and style.  He is fighting for you, a citizen.  If he loses, you probably will, too.

10. Be proud.  We live in the greatest country in the world.  Fight for it.

Image: Jeff Turner via Flickr.

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