Why Progressives Can’t Understand How the Corporate Tax Cut is Fueling Our Booming Economy

George Orwell was correct: “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” The corollary, that some ideas are so obviously correct that only intellectuals disbelieve them, is equally true.   Consider these simple facts.  First, more Americans in 2018 are working than last year.  In fact, as of the latest jobs report, American unemployment remains at just 3.7%, which is a 49-year-low.  Second, that larger percentage of working Americans are generally earning more income and enjoying stronger benefits today, given that “wages were 3.1% higher in September than they were a year ago,” the report shows -- the highest wage growth since 2009.  Additionally, larger private employers, “in this environment… are more apt to provide competitive wages and strong benefits” to entice and retain talent, writes Dominic Rushe of The Guardian. Finally, consider that most Americans are also withholding much...(Read Full Article)
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