Trump Versus the Euro-Swamp

This guy Donald Trump has amazing physical staying power. Right after his end-sprint in the Midterms, which ended pretty well, and only pausing for a White House presser to deliver a kick to Jim Acosta, Donald Trump is in Europe, where the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day is being memorialized on Sunday.

In case you forgot, Armistice Day is the day the guns stopped firing in the trenches in World War I, after the United States sent in our first huge expeditionary force to tilt the balance against the Central Powers, including the German Empire, as Bismarck had rebranded Prussia in1848, and the other German Empire of the time, called the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

During that bloody trench war the German General Staff also sent Vladimir Lenin in a closed train across to Moscow, to stir up revolution against the Romanoff Czars.

Lenin and his Bolsheviks killed the Romanoffs, all of them -- men, women and children, and after a civil war that the Bolsheviks won. The rest, as they say, is history. Lenin pulled Russia  out of World War I, which was the German aim in smuggling Lenin over there.

So we have another German Empire to thank for the Soviet Union, though we should not blame living people for the sins of the past.  But history has a crazy way of repeating, and today we have the makings of a new European Kaisertum, called the European Union.

It’s the Frankish Empire all over again, only run by unelected bureaucrats of the European Commission, "the executive of the European Union."

Flags outside the headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels

Photo credit: Sébastien Bertrand

There are only three things to remember about the EU.

The EU has no electoral legitimacy.

(Repeat three times, wash, rinse and dry).

Those are the only three facts you need to know, and in Britain, a British independence movement has been gathering steam against the power-hungry Euro-Swamp. After 25 years of campaigning, a fellow named Nigel Farage led the charge to have an actual voters’ referendum, and two years ago the Leave referendum barely squeaked by with 52 percent of the vote. But 52 percent is a majority in a democracy.

And now, another creature from the Swamp named Theresa May is shafting the British independence movement by making it clear that Brexit will happen only over her dead body. Because the British Swamp is also the Euro-Swamp, which is also the US Swamp, which is also the UN Swamp.

Guess why British and Aussie spooks were part of the coup d’etat against Donald Trump, before, during and after the election of 2016?

Yes, that’s right. Christopher Steele, superspook for the Brits, is just a carbon copy of John Brennan, the former Communist voter who somehow became head of the Obama CIA. When Donald Trump goes to Verdun to memorialize the Armistice of 1918, he might want to have a quiet word about all that with Mrs. May.

British spooks don’t stir up an American coup d’etat without checking with the boss, Mrs. May.

As of Friday night, "Mr Trump is reportedly not scheduling any meetings with the other world leaders in attendance, including Mr Putin. But, he did not rule out the two would interact at a scheduled Elysee Palace dinner."

Nothing scheduled, but who knows what might come up?

Maybe The Don can just have a word with the British Prime Minister?

These Swampsters all have lifetime jobs, so they know each other.

Donald Trump has long known about the International Swamp, because you can’t be in the international hotel business without knowing about the Swamp. Trump has big hotels overseas.

Trump is a disruptive figure in Swamp politics, and now, right after the midterms, he’s flying to Paris to practice jujitsu on the EU's version of the Swamp..

Now Nigel Farage has a talk show (American style, and very successful) on a YouTube channel called LBC, a takeoff on the BBC, also known as the Bolshie Beeb. LBC seems to be disrupting the propaganda monopoly that the Beeb has exercised for a century.

In the last 50 years the EuroSwamp has been sucking in one British Prime Minister after another, so that UK sovereignty is almost gone. The Union Jack is still fluttering, but it’s steadily sinking below the waves.

So the Leave Referendum two years ago was a turning point, and it naturally freaked out Herr Dr. Jean-Claude Juncker, the aptly named President of the European Union, which has no electoral legitimacy whatsoever --- zero, zilch, nada. The socialist Ruling Class over there has locked itself into power, exactly like the Swamp of DC, the American left and the Rinos.

Don’t worry about trying to understand their complicated fan dance. It’s just the global Swamp again, Euro branch. All Swamps are alike, and they all seem to be very good friends.

(But the EU has no electoral legitimacy at all, remember? None. It’s a Swamp front.)

Now consider M. Macron, President de France, and how he is welcoming the President of the United States, Donald Trump, for Armistice Day on Sunday. Keep in mind that Macron is in trouble in France. The mighty EU is also in trouble in Britain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Greece. The Greeks and Poles have just threatened to sue Germany for a trillion dollars in war reparations from 70 years ago, when the Nazis did what they did. Now the Greeks and the Poles are trying to level the playing field.

More trouble for the EU.

EU President Herr Dr. Jean-Claue Juncker just gave his State of the European Union Address, and he was not a happy man.

They can see the signs of voter revolt all over Europe, and they’re beginning to run out of ammo.

So M. Macron, who is technically elected by the voters of France, but who is actually a regular Swamp creature, has done what European rulers always do when their power is questioned.  hey double down and up the ante.

In response to the Brexit campaign M. Macron is celebrating the forthcoming anniversary of Armistice Day with a big slap in the face to the United States, by announcing the sudden need for an EU Army, which now shows all the signs of becoming yet another European Imperial military-bureaucratic tyranny. No need for NATO, thank you very much, ve vill do zis ourszelves.  President Trump tweeted back his displeasure:

Europe won’t pay for its own defenses, which they leave to Uncle Sucker. But now, faced with a voter revolt, because the Euro-Fraud is suddenly obvious over there, the ruling elite has decided to go for broke. They want their own Imperial Flag, their own currency (really the Deutschmark), their own vainglorious Anthem, and their own Empire.

This is not the new, peace-loving non-empire they’ve been promising to make for fifty years.

It’s just the old, old Kaiser again.  (It doesn’t matter which Kaiser you pick, they’re all the same).

In case we didn’t get the message clearly enough, Macron announced that yes, the new European Empire would defend itself with French nuclear weapons, against Russia, against China, and yes, against the United States!  (Which has defended Europe against three consecutive world-conquering plagues, the Austro-Hungarian Kaiser, then Hitler, and then Stalin and the Soviet Empire.)

Gee, thanks, guys.

Nigel Farage has a talk show on LBC that’s fun to listen to, and it sounds like the Brits are finally getting the Farage message. He’s been predicting this explosion for 25 years.

Farage is the Donald Trump of the UK, along with a very modest-sounding old-fashioned-looking gent named Jacob Rees-Mogg, the very image of a modern British gentleman.

Both of them are enormous fun to watch, and if you wanted to take a long bath after the last couple of years of dirty US politics, I recommend watching them. They haven’t won the battle yet, but they are very steady and determined, and their side is gathering political steam by convincing the people that something is very wrong with drowning in the Euro-Swamp.

So what should The Donald do when he lands in Paris on Sunday, to honor the dead on Armistice Day, a hundred years later?

Chances are he’s thinking about that even now.

If the President reads this column, I would recommend respectfully that on arriving in Paris, Mr. Trump should simply greet his hosts by saying


That’s all he needs to say.

They’ll get it.

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