Then They Came for the White Women

As the incompetent election managers in Florida finally finish counting ballots barely in time for the 2020 campaigns to begin, and Georgia’s governor candidate Stacey Abrams chooses to "acknowledge defeat" rather than concede, it’s time to take a look at the role of women in politics.


Hillary’s hinting she’s thinking of running for president yet again in 2020. Democrats who still retain a synapse or two are trying to dissuade her. Ken Danieli, an online pollster, ran the numbers and despite all the sister solidarity talk his calculations reveal that 4% more women voted for Obama in 2008 than for Hillary in 2016. By his count (derived from inputs from Wikipedia and exit polls), it also appears that it wasn’t white voters who accounted for Trump’s win. “Trump won only about 1% more white voters than did McCain in 2008…” “Trump won >80% more Black voters than McCain did and >15% more Latino voters than McCain did.”

Since the left cannot -- oh you know why -- attack Black or Latino voters, they’ve aimed their bile at white women voters. To paraphrase Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller: First they came for the White Men, and I did not speak out. Then they came for the White Women.

Women Versus (White) Men

The attack on Brett Kavanaugh was a typical leftist attack on white men. Its insistence that a woman must always be believed when accusing men of sexual misconduct was part and parcel of the Duke Lacrosse team and University of Virginia frameups, among numerous others. It was enshrined in the Obama-era overreach of Title IX to deny college men the right of due process in such matters, and as time has passed, many colleges and universities are paying and will continue to pay male victims of this outrageous policy. No one has better publicized the harmful effect of such anti-male phrases as “toxic masculinity”,  “frat boy”, “bro” and “testosterone poisoning” and unfair campus tribunals than Professor Glenn Reynolds who this week suggests that higher education institutions should use the summer break to clean up their act.

While it received little to no coverage, the Senate Judiciary Committee issued a 414-page report on the accusations against Kavanaugh, detailing the charges and summarizing the results of its investigation: There “was no credible evidence to support [those] allegations.” Among the allegations investigated and dismissed as not credible was one by Julie Swetnick, advanced by her lawyer Michael Avenatti.

Tammy Bruce weighed in on the report: 

The legacy media carried the fraud that Justice Kavanaugh was a gang rapist. Day and night, that was all the U.S. and the world heard. Yet they, too, are silent. Wouldn’t having a rape mastermind on the Supreme Court require more outrage and more investigation?

But no, everyone has run for the hills, which tells us plenty. This silence and abandonment make clear that what we were all subjected to was a political stunt. The Democrats knew what they were doing, they did not care about the impact on women overall, and they still don’t.

And that is the largest fraud facing the American people: The left is not only not champions for women, the left uses us like cannon fodder, and need our lives to get worse.

While the Democrats have thrown the Kavanaugh debacle into the memory hole, the Senate Judiciary Committee has not. Generally ignored by the legacy media in the midst of the midterm, the committee’s 414-page report on the Justice Kavanaugh sexual assault allegation was released. It details exactly how much of a fraud the Kavanaugh hearing really was, and the seriousness of false charges lodged against him. [snip]

All this confirms my argument from the start of this debacle: The Democrats never cared about “the women,” and they see violence against women as a political tool, not something to solve. Their politicizing of our lives diminishes all women, and invited the fraud that is damaging the work that has been done for at least two generations to get women to be taken seriously on issues of sexual and domestic violence.

So Kavanaugh supporters who insisted that he was entitled to fair play and who disagreed with the claim that all women accusers must be believed, must be amused that this week Avenatti's estranged wife accused him of assault and he was arrested and charged with domestic violence. He’s claiming that he’s innocent of the charge and doubtless will be contesting his wife’s claim and demanding due process.

Jim Treacher could not resist pointing out the Avenatti double standard:

Throughout the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation debacle, anybody who presumed the man was innocent until proven guilty in the court of public opinion was branded a “rape apologist” by angry feminists and other Democrats. We were supposed to take the accusations at face value, even though there was absolutely no evidence to support them. The mere presence of the accusations was enough to decide the matter. Guilty until proven innocent, that was the new standard.

One man who did a lot to promote that point of view was cable-news fixture and purported attorney Michael Avenatti. He trotted out a woman named Julie Swetnick to accuse Kavanaugh of being part of some sort of gang-rape ring. Her accusation was completely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever, but it was good enough for the people who wanted to bring down Kavanaugh by any means necessary. And her attorney insisted we believe the tale, because it was told by a woman. If you’re skeptical of a woman’s accusation, that means you hate women. That’s what we were told.

But there was even more to cheer those who were upset by the Kavanaugh hearing debacle. Senator Joe Manchin, who broke from the Dem pack and voted for Kavanaugh, won his re-election campaign. Senators Donnelly, Nelson, Heitkamp, and McCaskill, who voted against him, lost. Certainly, other factors may have played a part, but obviously the Democrats forgot there are still plenty of women who love men and fair play.

Women versus Women

With the women should vote for a woman (Hillary) and white men are all rapists (Kavanaugh) tactics having failed, the left is now turning against white women as the enemy:

White women: 
76% Kemp
59% Cruz
51% DeSantis 

Black women: 
95% O'Rourke
97% Abrahms
82% Gillum

White women gonna white.

-- Elie Mystal (@ElieNYC) November 7, 2018[/quote]

...women were similarly trashed after the Senate confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in October.

A New York Times op-ed labeled white women “gender traitors,” while Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour called Republican Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a swing vote who ultimately voted to confirm Kavanaugh, a “disgrace.”

In yet another bit of irony, Nancy Pelosi is finding that her role as House Speaker is in jeopardy. To the amusement of Iowahawk, Ocasio-Cortez, the dimbulb just elected from a district in New York, held a sit-in in Pelosi’s office demanding 100% renewable energy.                                              

            More  The Sergeant at Arms has issued a quorum call for a drum circle on the House floor 

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Ocasio-Cortez’s problem actually isn’t Pelosi, it’s math, science and logic, the patriarchal three that wrecks all bright ideas like hers.

In any event, Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, a former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, seems a more likely opponent to Pelosi than Ocasio-Cortez. 

Fudge, who is close friends with Pelosi critic and fellow Ohio delegation member Tim Ryan (D), is known inside the House for her straightforward demeanor and antiestablishment leanings. She said she is unbothered by the long odds and believes that even her consideration of a bid could rattle Pelosi’s standing.

“Things could change rapidly,” Fudge said on Thursday morning as her phone buzzed nearby. “Over the last 12 hours, I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve received,” guessing that there are “probably closer to 30” Democrats who have signaled that they are willing to oppose Pelosi.

That number of Pelosi defectors is debatable. At least 17 Democrats oppose Pelosi, although Fudge said that many members are keeping their potential opposition under wraps until it becomes evident that she or another contender could be a realistic challenger.

Fudge’s potential bid, which she first disclosed to the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Wednesday evening, could force Democrats to confront issues about race and gender in the party.

“It would say to [the country], ‘This is not business as usual,’ ” Fudge said Thursday when asked about the prospect of becoming the first black female speaker. “Nobody wants the status quo. People are weary of who we are as a party. People don’t know who we are anymore.”

Fudge says Pelosi is an “elitist”, a “very wealthy person” who surrounds herself with “other very wealthy people”. I guess she’s unaware of who funds her party.

And so, identity politics continues to gobble itself up like the mythical snake Ouroboros eating its own tail.

I will be joining my family at Thanksgiving and away next week so let me wish you all now a very happy holiday. Treat other family members who hold different policy views than you respectfully as individuals who are not haters or morons, just people with different ideas. But insist they treat you with the same respect you offer them. If that doesn’t work, just be sure to pass the food and tell the cook the turkey is really moist.