The Honduran Invasion -- an Opportunity for Trump

The Honduran caravan heading towards the United States is anywhere from 7,000 to 14,000, depending on whose estimate one employs. Regardless, it is an invasion force. It may not have tanks and guns, but it is an invasion, nonetheless. Whether or not it harbors criminals or Muslim jihadists is irrelevant. Any time there are thousands of persons from another country forcing their way uninvited into another country, that is -- by definition -- an invasion.

So far, we have heard its participants snarling that they will be entering our country, whether we like it or not, and that nothing will stop them from doing so. We have also seen them burst through barriers at international borders in Guatemala-Mexico, where the local authorities did not use tear gas or bullets to stop them.

If they were indeed fleeing violence in their country, they could stay in Mexico or Guatemala. An offer by the Mexican government to give them medical aid and temporary work was turned down. That proves that the mantra that they are fleeing poverty and violence is bogus. Doubtless, the migrants have heard through the grapevine that once inside the United States, the stupid gringos will give them free housing, free food, free medical care, and free money.

Forcibly turning away these people could be embarrassing for the President, since the media will focus exclusively on the women and children (they’ve already started). It will be remembered the well-organized campaign of outrage that erupted when children and adults were separated. We should be conscious of the fact that for years liberals have weaponized compassion.

However, if done correctly, this is a golden opportunity for President Trump.

First, we now have an excuse (as if we really needed one): because the governments of Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico did not help us contain this invasion, the yearly welfare payments that we make to their governments (for various bogus, Deep State, reasons) will end, once and for all. Guatemala -- $248,766,868. Honduras -- $175,115,348. Mexico -- $283,099,204. That money can be better spent at home in infrastructure, or in building the wall.

Second, in order to undercut the hostile propaganda from the media which will inevitably ensue, constantly refer to the invasion as an invasion. The leftist media will find some woman who will start whining on cue about what a terrible life she has and she just want a better life. Also, use the illustration of a hundred people breaking down a front door, bursting into a house, and making themselves at home eating the food and sleeping on the bed.

Third, when they crash through the border, declare a State of Emergency in the four border states. These are Constitutional powers that the President has and which have been used by various presidents, from FDR to Barack Obama (of course, the leftist media will howl that this is the beginning of their long awaited 4th Reich). This will eliminate the otherwise unavoidable catch-and-release policy of these 7000-14000 invaders if they -- once they crash through the border -- demand asylum, sanctuary and “free stuff,” not to mention the clogging up of our courts (they’ve been told what to say by the organizers of the caravan).

If done correctly, and planned ahead of time, then the invaders could be rounded up, immediately shoved into standby military transport ships or planes, with no comfort whatsoever, and dumped back into Central America. In order to save space, they would take only the clothes on their backs and any money that they carry will be used to pay for their expenses, as per the International Emergency Economic Powers Act. Remember, no one invited them to come. They must understand that they’re not wanted and not welcomed. And they will be treated the same way if they attempt to return in the future.

Fourth, this could also be the opportunity to use the state of emergency to round up all the illegal aliens that are already in the those states, whether in custody or not, and get them out of the country, thereby legally circumventing the costs of the courts, welfare, incarceration, etc. -- and seize their assets to pay for the cost (the government spent $943 million to detain them).

Fifth, and most importantly, exclude the enemy within from being in the front line. Do not allow the leftist media where operations are taking place. They will create massive propaganda, regardless, about how cruel and evil President Trump is, how weak and defenseless and needy the invaders are, but there is no need to facilitate their doing so (the media should never have been let in the areas where illegals were being housed). Keep in mind that in every invasion there are traitors.

We will see what happens once the caravan arrives, but this is certainly an option for Trump.

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