The Caravan: Rules During an Invasion

The presumption of innocence, a foundational principle, instituted by the founding fathers in our founding document, the Constitution, has evaporated faster than a bead of sweat on Christine Blasey Ford's brow as she awaits a flight to French Polynesia for one of her many surfing vacations.

One rule shot to hell.

What of rules?  Why do we have them?  Wouldn't it be nice if we were allowed to park our cars wherever we chose to, at our convenience, even if it were in a place that through our ignorance, or inconsideration, resulted in blocking a street at just the moment an ambulance came along, trying to get help to a man who had a heart attack down the block?  Humans, left to our own considerations, can be considerably inconsiderate when it comes to others.  It's too simple to write this off to cruelty or evil; it's just that in life, we look at what we need and want first and do not always consider how our needs and wants affect others.

This is why the more contemplative among us have endeavored to make a set of rules taking into consideration the broad canvas of life.  You cannot, merely because it is convenient, block a street to get your morning coffee, because while it may inconvenience no one in many instances, it might, at an inconvenient moment, result in the death of someone when your conveniently parked car blocks help from arriving.

The world has rules.  America, the freest nation on Earth, has rules because without them, people die.

The "caravan" is an assault on the rules of this country.  Those composing it carry the flag of the nation they are fleeing while boldly telling us it is their right to come into America and benefit from all America has to offer.

There are 7 billion souls on this orb and only one United States of America.  The 330 million people living here cannot possibly save all the other 6 billion and change who may want to come here, for whatever reason.  Meanwhile, many would feel that changing the world they come from is too much more difficult than coming here and taking the world we have.

Let's unmask the "caravan" for what it is. 

Look at the timing.  The mass of migrants seems to be scheduled to arrive at an hour of convenience for the Democratic Party.  The timeframe is malleable.  At first, there were trucks picking them up at night (when no one was looking) to get them to the border faster, just in time for the election.  Suddenly, as the Democratic Party's needs have changed, those trucks have disappeared.

Yet we know, should things change again, and the Democrats want them to arrive before election day, there will be new trucks to bring them here.  Should they want the huddled masses to breach our border after election day, they will let them continue their walk on foot.

The determination of the course of "caravan" action will depend on what the president says and does and what the left thinks the optics will be. 

It's all about the Benjamins.  People mistake the left as an ideology when it is really a religion, and as with all false religions, proponents are all about power and wealth.  It is not a coincidence that powerful Democrats all become fabulously wealthy, with multiple mansions and scads of servants, while serving the public.

This "caravan" is about voters.  Donald Trump has shown America who the Democrats are.  They don't like that.  Knowing this, they feel that the permanent Democrat majority they were so sure was imminent with the ascension of Barry slipping away, and since they are convinced that their rule over the deplorables is right and just, they need not obey any rules.  Being unable to convince the electorate to vote for them and only them, despite the hit their lives will take, they need to import a new electorate and lobby for a new set of rules.

The Democrats know that the illegal alien vote and the dead vote are their two fastest growing constituencies.  The illegal vote is the most important because while the dead can (Praise the Lord!) arise once a year and vote, they cannot fill out Census forms (their fingers are too stiff).  Illegal aliens can.  This is why the Democrats have "sanctuary cities": because even if they cannot get illegals to vote, they can count as far as representative apportionment in the Census – perhaps giving areas with an ample illegal population an extra Democratic representative.

The Democratic Party is a cancer on this nation.  Democrats will do anything, despite the rules, to attain power.  They strive for one election, once.  After that, the rules, their new set, will apply only to us, the deplorables.

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