Racism on the Rise

It's obvious that in a post-Obama America the anti-white zeitgeist is out of pandora's box. Whether it was always lurking beneath the language of multiculturalism and diversity is for historians to figure out. What's obvious is that when mainstream media personalities like Don Lemon or New York Times employees like Sarah Jeong freely spew textbook anti-white racism the world takes notice, the Overton window shifts and the temperature rises in the frog-pot. Over in Canada, in Europe and Australia whites are under attack. Due to unprecedented immigration and fatalist progressive experiments, there is no country where anti-white cultural currents are not rising. It wasn't supposed to be this way, weakness, wealth transfers, preferential treatment, open borders and accommodation were supposed to invite warm feelings, equal outcomes and racial blindness.

It's not the older conservatives but younger ones and future generations who are facing an unpleasant and unprecedented future if this trajectory continues. Not without reason are Millennials questioning the byzantine social codes and power dynamics they inherited from Boomers. Unlike Cold Warrior conservatives who were raised in communities with high social trust whose unifying threat was Eastern communism, Millennials were the first guinea pigs in the "racial blindness" experiment their elders enlisted them into.

By the 1990s the entire constellation of Christian morality and civic responsibility in the public space had been secularized and compressed into a singular mandate. Millennials were taught from childhood that the highest moral good was serving the self-esteem of non-whites. In prior ages virtues such as courage, modesty, chivalry, valor and faith were ways young adults were encouraged to distinguish themselves but for Millennials it was an adeptness and willingness to navigate the mercurial minefield of knowing when and how to serve the self-esteem of non-whites that mattered.

According to the implicit demands of the experiment, whites and by extension what could be perceived as "white culture" was selected for strategic downsizing. Having abandoned their inheritance, by the new millennium the custodians of S.T.E.M., Shakespeare and Bach were more likely to be Northeast Asians rather than white. Racial blindness was always around the next corner - the melting pot would begin to melt once whites pulled their children far enough to shoulder so someone else's could pass. It's unsurprising that when whites were encouraged to jettison the exigencies of tradition in favor of debasing themselves, that we ended-up with an entire class of people now lost in the wilderness without past or future.

Over the past thirty years conservatives were busy building an entire culture around anti-socialism while the Left was busy pushing its cultural trojan horse to unleash a whole different kind of plague. Maybe deep down many conservatives knew the anti-white damn would burst but they were too cowardly to confront it. Don't believe me? Railing against socialism won't get you fired from Google but notice the toxic way in which "diversity" is being used against white and you'll be untouchable. By the age of Obama the hatch-door opened and ever since then society's been on an explicitly anti-white trajectory.

So where have three decades of feverish placation and encouraging our sons and daughters to take a backseat landed us? Statue toppling, knock out games, self-self-segregated graduations, implicit this, privilege that, people being fired for thought-crimes, higher taxes on struggling families to subsidized race-based transfers, racialized comic book warriors, real historical heroes defaced with graffiti, suppressed speech, our national anthem undermined, and an endless torrent of millions of new immigrants adding more complexity to a difficult situation. Americans of all colors report race relations as having been worse over the last 10 years than decades prior.

Indeed, it's nice that wrangler-wearing boomers have had their war paint ready to conserv their nest egg from the perennial specter of Soviet style economics. Railing against socialized medicine and magazine limits is not without its merit, but for the sake of their grandchildren maybe they'd like to also counter the forces that seek to degrade whites and for the first time in 2,000 years, permanently disconnect culture associated with them. Is it not obvious that every group on the planet both within and outside the West is encouraged to embrace the legacy of their ancestors except for whites? You can keep your Hayek, Solzhenitsyn and Von Mises just replace the word "class" with "race" and you'll understand the playbook – it's got all the trim of Marxism only the motor is racial.

The "Diversity" program has unmasked itself – hopefully too soon. Diversity is no transcendental virtue it's a political program with one denominator "less white". No champion of Diversity is decrying China for being too Chinese, Sudan for being too black or that Detroit's backwards for a lack of whites. "Person of Color" is the latest newspeak cynically designed to isolate white people. There is a cultural force that has hit critical mass and it needs to be confronted head-on.

Don't expect the Japanese or Chinese to do anything but look in amazement and take notes as Ford F150 ten-gallon hat types indignantly yell "out of my cold dead hands!" meanwhile their grand daughter is likely to spend the same twilight years in a very dangerous world because her grandfather was too worried about his bumpstock or the return of Fidel Castro to take a stand against the toppling of his ancestors and the deracination of his heirs. If conservatives were half as serious about combatting anti-white racism as they are about their guns, the wall would have been built 30 years ago and Mr. "It's in our DNA" Obama would have never been elected to anything but a tribal war lord.

Don't expect affluent Leftists to help either, they'll get their comeuppance but many have replaced children and grandchildren with dogs and surf safaris. Even the one's who have skin in the game are, for the time being, too insulated by time, space and wealth to calculate anything other than the a net profit in nurturing anti-whites currents. Remember, the way the game is rigged, whites who demonize other whites have the ability to leverage power over them and affirm their moral superiority. 

Your daughter's daffy feminism, the lionization of increasingly bizarre sexual anomalies, undying dream of economic collectivism and Christophobia are all skirmishes that need managing but America is becoming dangerously anti-white at a time when with the world's only white-majority societies are becoming white minority.

The main reason Trump is popular is not because he "hates brown people" like the Left hopes or even because he's some free market bulwark like Reagan. Trump sees what awaits our posterity if society does not change course. Why don't you?

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