Ohio midterm election a sweeping victory for Republicans (with one unlucky exception)

Democrats charged into the Ohio midterm election full of piss and vinegar. Their belief was that they were surfing a blue wave and were going to start the process of turning what is often described as a purple state into a blue one. The Buckeye State is a major prize in the quest for the presidency with its 18 electoral votes and central position in the Midwest region.  This was all a Democrat rehearsal for 2020. But things did not turn out that way. With one exception which will be addressed further down, the election was a wipe out for Democrats. Here's a summary. Ohio Statehouse in Columbus Statewide Offices At the top of the ticket was the race for governor. Here, Mike DeWine faced off against the Obama administration's former Consumer Financial Protection Director Richard Cordray. Days before the election, the media here were saying the race was a “nail-biter.” But even a new hair cut style didn't help the disheveled Obamite as...(Read Full Article)
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