If Democrats Control the House

Mad Maxine Waters… let that roll around in your mouth a bit.  Can you taste it?  This is a woman who, were she not a duly elected Democratic Party congresswoman, couldn’t get a job requiring her to ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

But not to worry.  She will only be the head of the Financial Services Committee in the House of Representatives.  Financially, she obviously has done well for herself with mansions and servants and other accoutrements of great wealth that the Democrats always seem to acquire while serving the public in their destitute districts.  What can anyone say?  Despite being rated one of the most dishonest politicians in Congress, it hasn’t hurt her yet. 

We can look forward to her endlessly screaming, “Impeach Trump,” while calling for violence from the masses against any available Republican so that she can then blame the resulting violence on the President. 

You can’t blame someone for violence unless you have violence and damn it, she’s worked hard on creating it for lo these many years (it’s only two, but it seems like so much longer because she’s so shrill).

I have one suggestion.  Just as every Barack Obama speech must be watched with the sound off -- especially now that he can’t fill a high school gym -- to see the hatred on his face as he spends his time enunciating to the dwindling crowds his profound success and how all things good and great spring from his loins -- one must also watch in stunned silence every guttation-like drop of wisdom exuding from the pores of Mad Maxine Waters.  Then watch again with the volume turned up and you will realize that while she may be the most successful dishonest politician since Boss Tweed, she is also half a moron.  Or, to put it nicely, she may be the dumbest American politician of our time (perhaps that wasn’t so nice). 

Yes, apparently for the Democrats, being stark raving mad and an inchoate parody of a moron qualifies Mad Maxine to head of the House Financial Services Committee.  What could go wrong?

Of course, Nattering Nancy Pelosi will become the Majority Speaker of the House, a position she held once before until Barry blew up the Democratic Party in pursuit of bending the “arc of history” into something that better resembled him. 

She may not know where she is half the time.  And yes, she sometimes loses the conversation halfway through, forgetting what she’s talking about, displaying for all to see multiple dysphoric bouts of aphasia.  Yet, no one can deny that she has been in the past and will be in the future an effective speaker.  No ‘Ryan’ is she; her people hold together.

Sure, she’s like Bob Hope near the end, who would memorize the questions and answers his staff would provide Johnny Carson before his scheduled appearance on the “Tonight Show” because he had reached an age and a point in his life where he was mostly non compos mentis but was still an accomplished and competent performer.  It’s said that when Johnny was mad at something or had one too many before the show, he would change the order of the questions or include other questions just to revel in Hope’s befuddlement. 

In any case, you can count on Nancy bringing her “A game,” even if she can’t remember where she left it (that’s what staff are for).  She will hold her troops together for the Articles of Impeachment votes that “Where’s the beef,” Jerky Jerry Nadler, Head of the Judiciary Committee, has many times promised he will foist upon the House concerning President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

He has hated Trump for a long time and vice versa.  Years ago, he delayed Trump’s Riverside South development of the Westside Train Yards in New York City for more than a decade because some people farther east didn’t want to lose their view of the Hudson River.  Trump paid somewhere in the area of $40 million a year in property taxes during the delay.  Think about that.  

Ergo, the feeling is indeed, mutual.  Trump has called him “one of the most egregious hacks in contemporary politics.”  Yet, you can say this for Jerky Jerry, he is consistent.  I’ve lost count on how many times he has promised that should he become Head of Judiciary, he will impeach Trump.  It’s almost a verbal tick for the man -- he may have even surpassed Mad Maxine in the total.

Kavanaugh is a relatively new obsession for Nadler, but look for him to be just as ardent.  He’s also a big fan of gun control, open borders, and no-need-for-ID voting.  After all, the dead and illegal aliens are the Democrats’ fastest growing constituency.  He should be fun; don’t you think?

Last, but not least, you have Shifty Adam Schiff who is projected to head the House Intelligence Committee and has promised to subpoena every single person that Donald Trump has ever come in contact with, or even merely heard about during the more than seven decades of his life. 

Shifty Schiff, who has a reputation as the “loose lips” of the Intelligence Committee as a minority member, will likely leak more than an Adult Diaper worn by either Pelosi or the aptly named Waters.

News at Eleven: “Donald Trump’s Kindergarten teacher tells House Intelligence Committee that Trump as a child once gave a piece of candy to a little girl.  Was this an attempt at sexual assault?  Adam Schiff sits with Chris Cuomo to discuss.”

Every rumor, even if Schiff must make them up himself, will be thoroughly investigated because when you give Shifty Schiff subpoena power there will be many, many, many subpoenas. 

Look forward to at least two years of every single thing that could be investigated being investigated -- as well as those in the media, in the customary position of obsequiousness and worship, on their knees in front of the Democratic machine, reporting each and every one as “noose tightening” or the “one that will start the beginning of the end” for Donald Trump.

So be well, potential voters…

Stay at home and don’t bother voting for those Republicans you believe in, because it’s too hard, and you don’t have the time.

You, however, will have to live with the consequences.

As we all must.

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