Global Warming Propaganda in the Election Season

The Washington Post is right on schedule, turning weather into politics, with Election Day forecasts,

“This year’s midterm election features an intensity usually reserved for a presidential race. In parts of central and eastern United States, a major storm system may add a wrinkle to this high-stakes contest.”

In keeping with their theme of making everything political, the WaPo published a map, in appropriate red and blue colors, showing storms in the south.

They further note, “Although the increasing movement toward early voting may somewhat reduce the weather’s impact, there are a number of close races in areas that will be affected by this storm.”

One would think the WaPo is already making excuses for Democrat midterm losses by reminding readers, “Bad weather may tend to favor Republican turnout, at least historically.” As President Trump likes to say, “We’ll see.”

Leading up to the midterm elections, there was predictably an uptick in stories about global warming and climate change. It’s no surprise that the media is attempting to blame any and all weather anomalies on Trump, with the implication that if he had not pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord, the world’s weather would be calm and tranquil.

All because of environment-hating Donald Trump, we have storms, hurricanes, snow, rain, heat, and any other form of weather. If only Trump didn’t pull the plug on the Paris agreements, the fierce hurricanes of the last two years would not have happened. Instead Houston, Florida, and the Carolinas would have had nothing but tropical breezes.

As an interesting aside, where is the predicted “Trump’s Katrina”? Despite some nasty hurricanes, there was little media coverage after recent hurricanes as relief efforts were prompt and efficient, what one would expect with a New York City businessman in charge.

The only thing close to Katrina was in Puerto Rico, with botched relief efforts, despite, not because of, the administration’s efforts. No matter how well the federal government performs, if local officials are incompetent or prefer grandstanding rather than assisting their people, the relief effort will fall short.

Halloween, only a few days past, was an occasion to beat the global warming drums. An NBC affiliate in Madison Wisconsin, painted gloom and doom on an otherwise fun and festive day.

Because of climate change, Octobers are warming for much of the country. That includes right here in Wisconsin. Since 1970, October temperatures have climbed by an average of 2.3 degrees in Madison. A warming October not only brings concerns locally, but across the country and across the world.

They posted a graphic showing a gradually upward sloping trend line for Halloween temperatures in Madison. Not for the past 100 or 1000 years, but since 1970.


Given that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, a 47 year temperature trend is hardly conclusive. Unless we are to believe the only relevant history is the period of time when we are alive.

How about a slightly longer view of Wisconsin temperatures, say 100 years. From the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.

After tracking the weather year to year for 105 years, hindsight provides some trends. Wisconsin's mean temperatures can be divided into four periods: the 1890s through 1920s when temperatures fluctuated both above and below the mean temperature; the 1930s, '40s and early '50s when temperatures were consistently above normal; the late 1950s through the early '80s when temperatures were consistently below normal; and the late '80s through the present when temperatures appear to fluctuate above and below the norm again.

In a nutshell they seem to have 30 year cycles, sometimes cooler, sometimes warmer, and in this current cycle, fluctuating above and below the average, as the above graphic illustrates. The trendline, assuming it is statistically correct, is rising slightly. To NBC, this conclusively proves manmade global warming. And an end to Halloween since, “Supplies of chocolate, the backbone of Halloween, are at risk from rising temperatures and changing rainfall patterns.”

Then there is the migrant caravan. Is it just a spontaneous gathering of Central Americans, thousands of whom decided at the same time to take a 2000 mile walk to the US southern border? Funded by Venezuela or George Soros, with the express purpose of meddling in the election by creating an October surprise, hoping to put President Trump in a box?

Nah. The far left Guardian has the answer. What else but climate change?

While violence and poverty have been cited as the reasons for the exodus, experts say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land – and it’s likely to get worse.

Climate change in the region is exacerbating – and sometimes causing – a miasma of other problems including crop failures and poverty.

And they warn that in the coming decades, it is likely to push millions more people north towards the US.

The implication, again, is that this is all President Trump’s fault. Let’s get back to the weather this month. What about Guns N’ Roses’ cold November rain?

The Weather Channel predicts, “Colder-than-average temperatures in the South.” Another headline, “Winter cold coming to Michigan toward end of week, could bring lake effect snow.” It’s cold across the pond too, “UK weather is on track to take another freezing turn, with a shocking weather chart showing the risk of snow significantly increasing over the first week of November.”

Rather than listen to the climate alarmists in the media and on the left, remember the words of another songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot, writing about the upper Midwest, “When the gales of November come early.”

The only gale, not only in November, but in every month is Donald Trump. And the only warming is from the hot air spewing from CNN and MSNBC, and their Democrat comrades.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter.

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