Trump Promised America First – and That's Exactly What We’re Getting

Make America Great Again.  President Donald Trump's rallying cry during the campaign season a couple of years ago will forever have a place in history.  To him, it was more than hyperbole.  He really did promise to restore America and prioritize the nation's needs.  So far, he's doing a pretty good job.

What Does It Mean to Make America Great Again?

Let's briefly take a look at two quotes:

This country needs a new administration with a renewed dedication to the dream of America, an administration that will give that dream new life, and make America great again.


I ask you to give me your hands and your hearts.  To give me your prayers and your help.  I believe that together we can make America great again.  And with your help, your heart, your devotion, and your efforts, we can build a community of hope that will inspire the world.

Do you know who made these statements?

If you answered Donald Trump, you're mistaken.  The first quote is attributed to Ronald Reagan in a Labor Day speech in 1980.  The latter quote belongs to none other than Bill Clinton in his 1991 presidential announcement speech.

At the time, these quotes were met with astounding positivity.  People on both sides of the party line had no issue with these words of hope and positivity.  Yet, over the past few years, as Trump has made these words the battle cry of middle-class America, the notion has arisen that returning American to its greatness is somehow an offensive idea.

"That message where 'I'll give you America great again' is if you're a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don't you?" Clinton said during the 2016 campaign season as his wife went head to head with Trump for the presidency.  "What it means is 'I'll give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and I'll move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down.'"

See, somewhere along the way, leftists decided they'd flip the script on what it means to make America great again.  Instead of acknowledging what it genuinely means – to restore America's financial stability, business growth, national security, and social standing in the world – they've tried to turn it into a racist statement full of hatred and vitriol.

While Democrats have spent the last couple of years in an echo chamber – yelling "racist" every time Republicans put forth an America-first policy – they've actually become tone-deaf.  From the outside looking in, they don't seem to want what's best for America.  Instead, they intensely desire to be "right."  To them, being right is all about proving that, somehow, Donald Trump is a racist mistake of a president.  But at this point, there's nothing to suggest that this is true.  In fact, an objective look at the accomplishments under his leadership proves the exact opposite.

Three Ways President Trump Has Restored America's Greatness

While liberals try to make a racket and clamor that Trump and the Republican Party are stirring up hate and oppressing others, the current administration has actually made life a whole lot better for Americans across every socioeconomic stratum – in two years, no less!

Let's take a brief look at just a few of the early victories Trump has accomplished in his pursuit of returning greatness to America:

  1. Buy American and Hire American

On April 18, 2017, President Trump signed the Buy American and Hire American Executive Order, which has the goal of creating higher wages and employment rates for American workers, as well as to protect the economic interests of America-first companies by rigorously enforcing and administering immigration laws.  The order also directs the Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with some other agencies, to push forth policies that ensure that H-1B visas are awarded to the most-skilled beneficiaries.

As All American Reviews shows, there's plenty of diversity and quality in American-made products and brands.  From furniture and clothing to sporting goods and tools, consumers have plenty of choices.  The more the government incentivizes product manufacturing to stay home, the more opportunity there will be for consumers to buy goods that reinvest into the American economy.  So far, so good.

  1. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

"I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris," President Trump said at a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden to announce the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord.

One of Trump's first big executive orders as president was to remove America from the terrible Paris Agreement that President Obama dubiously "backdoored" his way into.  In doing so, he saved the U.S. economy an estimated $3 trillion over the next several decades, saved as many as 6 million industrial-sector jobs, and saved taxpayers $3 billion in an Obama-era slush fund that was created without consulting Congress.  In other words, he put America first again.

  1. Enhanced Vetting Processes to Secure Borders

While it's received a lot of negative press – largely as a result of misleading reports by the national media – more rigorous vetting processes have made our borders safer by making it harder for terrorists and transnational criminals to legally enter the country.

As said in a release at the end of last year, "[a]ll foreign countries are now required to share critical information with the United States about their nationals, so we know who is entering our country, or face consequences.  To enhance our security, the Administration has raised the baseline of security cooperation, and most countries have complied."

Not only have fewer criminals entered the country, but those who have already infiltrated the borders are being dealt with appropriately. noted that, through the end of 2017, nearly 800 MS-13 gang members had been arrested stateside, while 4,000 more had been arrested and charged in their native countries (in partnership with United States law enforcement).

Continuing to Make America Great

We're less than two years into what could be a four- or eight-year presidency for Donald Trump, yet we're already reaping the rewards of a president who puts America's interests before the interests of others.  His pro-U.S. policies show that making America great doesn't have to happen at the expense of certain minority classes.  In reality, it's about putting Americans first (all of them).  Even though some people are blinded by hate and a need to be right, that doesn't change the fact that progress has been made.

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