The Flaky Flakery of Jeff Flake

Jeff Flake is the best player on the left's team.  He can always be counted on to aid the enemy when the stakes are high.  Whenever Trump says something "controversial," Flake seems always to be available to the press to throw Trump under the bus.  Whenever the left does something unthinkable, Flake seems always to be around to legitimize the left's lunacy.

Late last week, Flake gave the left exactly what it wanted by delaying the Supreme Court nomination process.  That's the very purpose behind these baseless Kavanaugh accusations, after all, and Flake folded like a cheap suit.  Flake's treachery is so predictable that it almost makes you suspect he has a Cultural Marxist handler and that his disloyalty is less a matter of stupidity than design.

Late Friday night, some left-wing radical screeched hysterically and aggressively at Jeff Flake in a Capitol Building elevator.  Rest assured: Flake buckled, as he always does, to come to the left's rescue in the 25th hour and perhaps change the course of history.

In some ways, that likely staged event in a Capitol Building elevator was perfectly representative of the fundamentally neo-Marxist #MeToo movement.  Radical left-wing nut-jobs want to be able to shout down and berate, like the entitled crybabies they are, white people and men and whoever else opposes their radical agenda until we all simply crumble under the weight of their rage and hysterics.  It is the #MeToo movement, not so much rape itself, that is all about power.  Leftists enjoy bullying their political foes, terrorizing the innocent, and most of all controlling the political climate and the political process.  They always have.

You see, the #MeToo movement is little more than a weapon of the political left, and the left-wing, Cultural Marxist power structure is still trying desperately to bludgeon Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to death with it.  The #MeToo movement, like political correctness before it, along with a number of other left-wing movements and like systems of control, are not only weapons used to terrorize ordinary people for having the wrong thoughts or the wrong friends or for committing venial sins, but also effective ways for corrupt power players to protect and secure their own power.  The last thing Cultural Marxist oligarchs and power players want or need is ideological foes with equal wealth or power.

Ensuring ideological uniformity at the top is a way for Western power players to safeguard their own power, and that's what political correctness and the #MeToo movement are also largely about: controlling democratic processes and the ascension to power.  They are filtering mechanisms, the modern West's own sick version of North Korea's Songbun, or loyalty to the regime, and Christians, conservatives, whites, and especially white "racists" are on the lowest tier, make no mistake about it.  These filtering devices, these illegitimate systems of social and political control, are well disguised tools for Cultural Marxists to keep their ideological adversaries out of power.

Cultural Marxists don't want or accept fellow power players who don't share their fundamentally Marxist values.  That is why they are trying to oust Donald Trump from power by any means necessary, and that is why Silicon Valley executives are occasionally being driven from power for donating to the wrong causes, and that is why Big Tech is waging a war on the dissident right: because according to the left, our views are fundamentally illegitimate, and we must not be permitted to really influence society.  Leftism, in its modern form, is a fundamentally totalitarian ideology.

This is why these folks want broad restrictions on speech and conduct.  The broader the restrictions, the broader their control.  If everyday sins are now unpardonable and disqualify individuals from ascending to power, the left's control over the assumption of power is near absolute.  Tweeted something offensive about non-whites in your distant past?  Unfit.  Joined the wrong advocacy group?  Unfit.  Now you can add "made a woman uncomfortable at some point in your life" to that list.

If venial sins now disqualify men from being justices, or from being senators, or from being whatever, then all the press has to do to get you in is not publicize your venial sins, and all it has to do to keep you out is publicize those venial sins.  The press, mind you, has mastered the art of burying what is adverse to its Cultural Marxist agenda and sensationalizing what advances its Cultural Marxist agenda.  That is the press's expertise.  You can see, then, how the more prosaic the sins their rules cover, the more control they have over who gets into power and who doesn't.

Whether Jeff Flake is an actual agent of the left or simply an effete elitist coward is difficult to know with any confidence.  What isn't difficult to know is that by legitimizing the #MeToo movement and cowering before its mad, dim-witted representatives, Flake is advancing leftism just as surely as the left's most fervent, foaming-at-the-mouth believers.  What's more, by legitimizing a movement that makes a mockery of justice on a daily basis, Flake has far more in common with William Stoughton and Andrey Vyshinsky than Jesus Christ.  If the week-long FBI investigation turns out inconclusive, which it most definitely will, don't be surprised if Flake attempts to arrange the appointment of a special counsel in the mold of Robert Mueller.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.