The Ever More Delusional Left

Despite 98% of the media foaming at the mouth against President Trump since he was inaugurated, the left, meaning the legacy media, academia, all elected Democrats and the radical progressives, has convinced itself that Americans hate the man.  They believe that those who voted for him regret their vote. They believe they are going to win back the House in November and are not shy about what they plan to do with their restored majority.  They vow to begin investigations into every aspect of Trump's past, to impeach him, to impeach Judge Kavanaugh. Some Democrats even want to impeach Clarence Thomas!  They want to pack the Supreme Court, add justices in order to water down the opinions of the five constitutionalists now on the bench.  They imagine all of this despite the wildly successful rallies Trump holds that betray their dream.

They promise to repeal the Trump tax cuts.  Kamala Harris wants to hand out money, $5000, to poor people.  Cory Booker has suggested giving a "nest egg" to poor kids -- $50,000 handed to kids so they can buy a house or car!  Sure.  That will work since kids are so responsible with money.  Pelosi plans to use "subpoena power," apparently to destroy anyone she deems worthy of destruction.  They all seem to believe that we normal Americans are unaware of the booming economy and the spectacularly low unemployment rate.  We are, they assume, so gullible we will believe their anti-capitalist rants and the sheer moonbattery of so many of their candidates, especially those self-proclaimed "social democrats" who want to turn us into Venezuela.  If Ocasio-Cortez, wins a seat in the House, we can only pity her constituents.  She is very likely the most ignorant person ever to run for high office.

"Beto" O'Rourk, that Irish guy pretending to be Hispanic, is proud of his "F" rating from the NRA -- in Texas!  That is only one strike against this man; there are many more.  Krysten Simena regularly insults her state and its residents.  She has called Arizona the "meth laboratory of democracy." She believes "stay-at-home Moms are leeches."   That only Joe Manchin voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh is proof that all-but-one Democrat in the Senate no longer believe in due process or the doctrine of innocent until proven guilty.  Each of them embraces the politics of personal destruction writ large.  No lie is too outrageous if it might work to ruin an opponent.  

Why do they believe their unscrupulous tactics will work?  Because they believe we are all mind-numbed, uninformed imbeciles who can be cajoled by their nonsense.  Obviously, there are radicals among us who do buy the left's blather, those who show up at women's marches wearing pussy hats sporting signs on which only the profanity is spelled correctly.  Those people are not a majority anywhere; they are the disordered among us. The left has psychologized politics; their party has become a refuge for the deranged persons who seem to think they live in the worst nation on earth when, in fact, they live in the greatest country ever created.   Everyone should read Arthur Chrenkoff's column.

Piling hysteria on top of moonbattery, then, we have the media and the left's crazed reaction to the murder of Jamal Khoshoggi,  the sometime opinion columnist for the Washington Post.  He was not actually a journalist, he was an advocate for the Muslim Brotherhood.  Had he changed?  Who knows?  The mainstream media is convinced that he was some kind of hero and that Trump is somehow responsible for his murder at the hands of a Saudi kill squad.  And who expects to get any truth from the Turks?  It is in their interest to pit the US against Saudi Arabia.  It is in the media's interest to use the murder to indict Trump's very necessary alliance with Saudi Arabia. 

CNN is nearly all-Khashoggi, all the time.  Why?  China has allegedly dispatched with their man who headed up Interpol.  No one seems to care.  They couldn't care less about the men killed in Benghazi.  When that horrific event occurred, the MSM did everything they could to protect Obama and Hillary from their obvious complicity in the crime that took those lives.  The left is so delusional, they think we did not notice and that we don't remember Benghazi and their gross inhumanity in addressing what happened there.  

Does the left care about the many hundreds of people killed in Chicago each year?  No. Not one bit.  Do they care at all about the American citizens who are routinely murdered, sometimes mutilated, by the MS13 gang-members they so value as "human"?  Did they vote for Kate's Law, named for Kate Steinle who was killed by a seven-time deported illegal alien?  No.  

They care more about importing as many immigrants as they can, any way they can, than they care about what illegal immigration has done to this country.  They only pretend to care about America and Americans.  They are perfectly willing to destroy the United States to preserve their own personal power and the access to wealth that comes with it.  Nancy Pelosi builds walls around her own properties, like all of them do, but is indignant that the rest of us want a wall at our southern border.   And the left thinks we should allow them to represent us.

Worst of all was the left' s self-revelation of exactly who they are; vicious to the point of evil.  What they did to Judge Kavanaugh was so beyond the pale, so egregious a breach of decency, that it awakened millions of non-political citizens to who and what the Democrats’ party really is, self-serving and without a hint of ethical standards.  As for all those crazed protesters, most of them paid hires,  they must be counted among the disordered; ignorant of the Constitution, indoctrinated by their teachers and professors not to think, just to obey.  

This is the tragedy of the left's takeover of academia. Triggered, micro-aggressed snowflakes who are unable to hear a word that may depart from the dogma with which they've been inculcated without sticking their fingers in their ears are victims, of their parents and their colleges and universities.  When young people are not taught to think critically for themselves at an early age, they are prime candidates for the insidious indoctrination that now passes for education but is actually a form of brainwashing.  From this purposeful plan to market Marxism we get those who buy into the man-made global warming hoax and the victimology that is the by-product of the left's obsession with race, class and gender in ever-evolving  forms.  

The left sees all individuals as members of a group, not as individuals; we are either victims or perpetrators/oppressors, thus the move to indict "white privilege" no matter how nonsensical.  As for the basic tenet on which this country was founded, individual liberty, the left has contempt.  To quote Mark Levin in Ameritopia,

"...equality in misery -- that is, equality of result of conformity -- is advanced as a just, fair, and virtuous undertaking. Liberty, therefore, is inherently immoral, except where it avails equality." 

The left hates Hillary's deplorables, non-elite Americans, just as much as Hillary hates them.  Even though they are the people who make the country function in every tangible way, their independence is an impediment to the left's grasp of total power and control.  Those who promote violence against conservatives -- Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, Eric Holder, et. al., -- think their rhetoric will win supporters, but they are driving sentient Democrats and independents away.  Their delusional belief that the rest of us are easily proselytized is a dream too far.   The Democratic Party is dying by its own dishonorable hand.

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