The Dems Lose it Over Kanye

Nary a critical peep was uttered by the liberal media during Obama’s presidency when multiple celebrities and sports stars visited his White House. Indeed, much media hype and praise accompanied those visits.

Amidst muted mocking, liberal media did not exactly jump the shark when mega social celebrity (and Kanye West spouse) Kim Kardashian recently met with President Trump at the White House. After all, Kardashian arrived with noble and just causes: specifically to obtain the freedom of African American prisoner Alice Marie Johnson, and to advocate generally for much-needed prison reform. Sixty-three-year-old Johnson had been imprisoned for life without parole in 1996, for a first-time non-violent drug offense. As a model prisoner and active hospice volunteer, Johnson was eminently eligible for then President Obama’s 2014 Clemency Project, for which she applied. Unfathomably, Obama -- the first black president -- denied her appeal. In stark contrast, President Trump granted Johnson’s pardon a month after Kardashian’s visit.

Perhaps emboldened by his wife’s success, uber-talented and controversial African American rapper Kanye West visited with President Trump a few days ago. Listening to the liberal media’s hysterical reaction, one would have thought West had transported the entire United States back to 1818 southern America, where blacks were actually in chains. Or, at the very least, he had taken us back to 1927, when singer Al Jolson performed in blackface.

Kanye’s visit to the White House was preceded and followed with relentless mocking and ugly putdowns by the liberal press. Donning their trademark smirks and supercilious sneers, they mercilessly attacked. He’s mentally ill. He’s a token Negro. He performed a minstrel show. He was incomprehensible and ignorant. Falsely and malevolently they even suggested that Trump had mocked him.  

Kanye’s capital crime? He rapped to the world that he had hip-hopped off the plantation -- not the physical one of chains and whips, but the liberals’ failed ideological plantation filled with welfare, food stamps, and fatherless homes. The very ideological plantation that has proved generationally ruinous for so many American Blacks.

Perhaps on more than any other issue, Kanye’s attackers showed their ignorance regarding his opposition to the 13th Amendment -- the one that abolished slavery. Kanye’s desire to abolish the 13th Amendment is based solely on the exemption to it -- that which permits forced labor in prisons. To Kanye, that exemption represents the modern-day institutionalization of slavery -- perhaps not yet a popular idea in mainstream thought, but cogent nonetheless.

Kenya illuminated other topics that were equally valid and clearly understandable: the problems created by fatherless households; the soul-weakening addictions of welfare and food stamps -- the hand out rather than the hand up; and the heretofore rampant unemployment in majority black neighborhoods that forced black youths, with no other means of survival, into criminal activities. Any reputable social psychologist would readily, albeit grudgingly, agree with Kanye’s insights.

Kanye’s detractors seemingly forgot that he was a semi-prodigy, writing poetry and performing at an early age. While they derisively attacked Kanye’s explanation of how wearing a red MAGA cap makes him feel powerful, like Superman, the rest of us got it.

With Trump’s red MAGA cap, Kanye feels like Superman with Superman’s powers because he sees tangible policy improvements that positively affect the black community. Unemployment in African American neighborhoods is at an historical low! Trump is seriously considering reforms to our inconsistent prison system. And Trump is forcefully attempting to transform how educational services are delivered in poorer inner-city communities. Moreover, Trump is advocating for tax-free zone breaks to those who invest and bring businesses to the inner cities. So Kanye feels the power of Trump’s positive changes -- economically and attitudinally.

Most damaging of all to the Democrat’s iron-glove clamp on the African American vote was Kanye’s game-changing, poignant but proud proclamation: racism doesn’t define me, I think for myself. And even if folks threaten or ask me not to wear the MAGA hat, I wear it because of the powerful feeling it gives me. My president has my back and that of my people. That’s what Kanye said and that’s what Kanye meant.

After their failed attempt of the personal destruction of Judge Bret Kavanaugh, one would have thought the Democrats and liberal newscasters would have laid low. Instead, they have double-downed. By attacking Kanye West. The Democrats and liberal media have pulled back the final curtain, baring their evil faces, rolling their terrible eyes, jutting their forked fangs, and revealing their purported liberalism to be a sham.

Kanye West has displayed grace under fire, bravery in the face of oppressive opposition, and lucid leadership. With the Democrats in full hysterical meltdown, one hopes this gifted, multitalented rapper inspires his followers to give the Democrats a much-deserved electorally digital response in November.