Sayoc Accusation Doesn't Pass the Smell Test

Something still doesn’t pass the smell test. In a moment of time where merely wearing a “MAGA” hat can get you fired, beat up, or merely harangued out of your favorite eatery, we are asked to believe that Cesar Altieri Sayoc was allowed to drive around safely in a van abundantly and meticulously adorned with pro-Trump stickers and a few depicting his personal animus toward the usual anti-Trump suspects, all of their colors vibrant, un-faded in the semitropical Florida sun.

The van was never overturned or torched wherever he parked or drove it. No tires were ever slashed, no windows were ever smashed in with a baseball bat. It was never even keyed. And there it was in pristine condition, undamaged and ready for its close-up before a media avid to blame President Trump for Sayoc's actions.

Why would an ardent or, as the media will say, “unhinged” Trump supporter, watching, as the rest of us have, the so-called “blue wave” break up before it reaches shore amidst a roaring economy and widespread outrage over the treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and the oncoming illegal alien caravan invasion, do something so idiotic, something that could only slow the Trump train and help Democrats blame “both sides” and Trump’s allegedly “toxic rhetoric”

One observer asked the obvious question:

Why does Cesar Sayoc, the alleged “MAGABomber”, follow mainly liberals on Twitter and have a van covered in brand new pro-President Donald Trump stickers? It's as if he isn’t a supporter and wants it pinned on the president.

Another asked

A noted pundit made another observation that is curious:

Cesar Sayoc -- the alleged mail bomber -- had Trump stickers all over his vehicle. But on Twitter, he only follows 32 people -- many of whom are left-wingers like Lina Dunham, Barack Obama and Jimmy Kimmel. What gives?

Indeed, what gives? Before we haul down the false flag, it might be worth trying to answer that question. It just doesn’t make sense, but maybe Sayoc is a few fries short of a happy meal and logic does not apply. Logic will certainly not apply to Trump critics who are already blaming for Sayoc’s actions a resident of the White House one celebrity has thought of blowing up, whose severed head replica has been held up by another celebrity, whom a top Hollywood actor would like to punch in the face as another notes that it has been a long time since an actor assassinated a President. Toxic atmosphere and toxic rhetoric indeed. 

It could just be that, like James T. Hodgkinson, the anti-Trump Bernie fan who tried to massacre Republican congressmen at a baseball practice, apparent Trump fan Cesar Sayoc is mentally challenged. Though one is doubtful that liberals will excuse Sayoc and Trump like they excused Hodgkinson and Sanders.

No one blamed Sanders for inspiring Hodgkinson with what Illinois Republican congressman Rodney Davis called “political rhetorical terrorism”,  and who, unlike Sayoc, actually harmed his targets with real bullets and did not use devices inspired by Wile E. Coyote. No one blamed Sanders for his “toxic” rhetoric:

Following the passage of the American Health Care Act, which still needs Senate approval to become law, Democrats and Sanders took to Twitter and the airwaves to condemn it in the gravest terms.

“If, which is not going to happen, the bill passed today in the House became law, thousands of Americans would die, because they would no longer have access to health care,” the independent from Vermont told CNN.

Bernie Sanders rightly and correctly disavowed the crimes of a volunteer whose actions he could not envision or control. Yet he and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi have spent the time since President Trump’s reelection yelling fire in the political theatre we call democracy, warning endlessly that people will die because of the Trump agenda, painting apocalyptic visions of planetary doom. With them claiming the Republican agenda is dooming the sick, the elderly, and the planet itself, was it so surprising that another liberal infused with the left’s messianic complex would try to save us all by killing Republicans trying to implement Trump’s America First agenda?

Pelosi especially should remember her own words as reported by the Washington Examiner:

With less than one week until Obamacare enrollment concludes, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi used congressional Democrats' inaugural weekly address to warn of the catastrophic effects repealing the law would have on the public. Tragically, repeal of the Affordable Care Act will lead to death, disability and suffering.

Quite a call to arms for Hodgkinson to assassinate the congressional leaders who would impose “death, disability, and suffering” on the American people.  As I have noted, complaining about “fake news”, or chants of “CNN sucks” at campaign rallies, or pointing out the deep-state coup to overthrow a duly elected president by Democrats, the intelligence community, the FBI and the DOJ, is a call for fairness and justice and not violence.

By the grace of God and the presence of a security detail assigned to Steve Scalise, dozens of congressmen and their staff are alive today.

Let us consider who are the real inspirers of violence and where the real threat to civility and life rests. And let us answer the curious questions surrounding Cesar Altieri Sayoc 

Daniel John Sobieski is a freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in Investor’s Business Daily, Human Events, Reason Magazine and the Chicago Sun-Times among other publications.               

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