Republicans Need to Think outside the Bubble

Republicans love to talk about the Washington bubble, to preach that the Washington establishment has no clue what goes on in the country outside its own echo chamber. 

I submit that conservatives have their own bubble, their own echo chamber.  They say Democrats  can't win because they want to take back our tax cuts, have open borders, get rid of ICE, and impeach the president.  All true on a national level, but Democrats aren't running far-left campaigns in conservative or moderate districts.

Anecdotally, I bring you Pennsylvania's 1st District:  Brian Fitzpatrick (R) versus Scott Wallace (D).  Though Fitzpatrick is the incumbent, it's a tight race, ranked a tossup or leans Republican, not a ringing endorsement. 

One big obstacle for the GOP in this race is the 2018 redistricting.  This gerrymandering favors Democrats across the board, including in the 1st District

Another problem for Republicans is that Democrats are running as conservatives, or at least as solid moderates.  In Pa., Scott Wallace describes himself as a "patriotic millionaire" who's running against Washington. 

Wallace campaign site:

Scott Wallace is running for Congress to be a voice for Pennsylvania families, working to end the dysfunction and division in Washington.

This is the genius strategy of the left: to include some kernel of truth in every lie.  In this case, yes, Washington is dysfunctional and divided.  That's true.  But to say a Democrat will even attempt to fix it is a lie, because it's Democrats who broke it.  The Democrat "Resistance" is alive and well, a mutinous cabal that marches lockstep with its leader to obstruct and dismantle our government. 

This Democrat strategy of running against Washington is really quite effective.  Conor Lamb was an especially strong candidate: a young ex-Marine, Conor ran as an outsider, a fresh voice in the swamp.

The number-one priority on Lamb's website is "new energy and honest leadership."  Next on his list are jobs, affordable health care, and protecting our Medicare and Social Security.  Conor campaigned on his independence – that he'll vote his conscience, will oppose Nancy Pelosi.

Sounds just like Trump, doesn't it?  This conservative whitewash worked: Conor Lamb won his race.  In fact, the New York Times issued instructions for Democrats to use this race as a roadmap for Trump country.  That is exactly what Democrats are doing.

Will it work in every red district?  No, but then, how many seats do they need?  Yes, Republicans are energized by the Kavanaugh hearing, and many independents who didn't like what they saw will go red, but is that enough?  If we lose red districts because we allow the Alt-Left to run as conservatives, can it dent our majority, flip the House?

The left's overall strategy is to fire up the base with even more extreme rhetoric while they win over middle America with fake candidates.  America is a big country, and not everyone watches Fox.  Even those who don't watch CNN or drink the Kool-Aid are not necessarily up to speed on the Resistance, the attempted coup, the Democrats' lawlessness. 

Another argument against a blue wave is the fact that the GOP is out-raising Democrats.  Again, that's on the national level.  Many Democrats are surpassing their Republican opponents in fundraising in local races – 56, according to Politico.

Conservatives dismiss this reporting because it's Politico, a known propaganda outlet.  But I don't doubt that Democrat war chests are overflowing.  Liberal oligarchs are pouring cash into Democrat coffers – Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Warren Buffett, and George Soros are among those opening their wallets to all things liberal.  Their PACs virtually run a candidate's ad campaign. 

Then there's the matter of dark money – donations by nonprofits and corporate entities not required to publicly disclose their contributions.  Dark money primarily benefits Democrats because if Republicans raise $1 of questionable funding, the media crucify them, yet that same press hides Democrats' questionable funding behind its media firewall. 

Bottom line: Republicans can't assume that their voters are armed with facts going to the polls.  Too many have trusted our "watchdog press" to inform them, not keep news from them; to expose a corrupt government, not shield the corruption.  These are people who never noticed that our free press was disappearing, replaced by controlled propaganda.  They don't know where to turn for truth if not the press.

One example: Mainstream media don't report on James O'Keefe's newest video.  O'Keefe has footage of Democrat Tennessee Senate candidate Phil Bredesen's staff admitting that their boss, Bredesen, is lying when he claims he would be a yes vote for Kavanaugh.  This is not an anomaly; many Democrats flat-out lie about who they are, how they would serve. 

If we are to win the midterms, Republicans need to think and campaign outside the bubble.  This isn't a traditional election; it's Republicans versus Democrats and a Democrat  media.  Don't just listen to ideas bouncing around our echo chamber; listen to your constituents, what are they thinking, what bill of goods have they been sold. 

Information can be a powerful weapon against our republic or a powerful tool to preserve it.  Republicans need to reach out, educate people with facts, and shine sunlight where the media cast shadows. 

As President Trump said when he threw himself on a media grenade to get the truth out about Dr. Ford, we need to "level the playing field."  There are too many things "left unsaid."

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