Punching Back

As John Fund reported in the National Review, the two women who assaulted Quisling Extraordinaire Jeff Flake in the Senate elevator Friday morning, are both activists with the far left Center for Popular Democracy.  It should come as no surprise that the center is partially funded by Quisling-in-Chief and Nazi aider and abettor George Soros, through his Open Society Foundation. 

Fund demonstrates that the center is at the “heart of the effort to stop Kavanaugh.”  Both elevator protesters belong to this organization, but the one -- Ana Maria Archila -- is not only the co-executive director of the Center but also a national committee member for the Workers Family Party -- the party of actress-turned-NY-governor-wannabee Cynthia Nixon. The WFP was founded by the now defunct ACORN.  We know how incestuous all these leftwing organizations are. 

Add to this list of organizations involved in the effort to take down Kavanaugh at all costs, our old friends at MoveOn.org (I’ve also been getting similar emails from Obama’s Organizing for Action). 

In a recent email asking for donations for their “big, final push to stop Brett Kavanaugh,” they’re not shy about their intentions:    

[W]e're seeing that pressure and protests are cleaving cracks in the wall of Republican support, which gives us an opening -- if we act now and over the next 5 days.

Late Friday, after thousands of us rallied around the country and marched on the Senate office buildings in Washington, D.C., brave sexual assault victims inside confronted Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator in a nationally-televised person-to-person moment of reckoning. And, just minutes later, Sen. Flake called for an FBI investigation.

But it's only a one-week investigation. Which means that we have just five days to stop Kavanaugh's confirmation by demanding that undecided Republicans and Democrats listen to survivors like Dr. Blasey Ford and their own constituents, who are turning out in record numbers to hold their members of Congress accountable for their actions.


[O]ur goal is clear: Over the next five days, we must force Senate Republicans (and every single Democrat) to stop, listen to and believe survivors, and say no to Kavanaugh.


Here's how MoveOn and our members are organizing our big, final push to stop Kavanaugh:

  • We're organizing and supporting flash protests all week at Senate offices across the country, with a focus on the eight states with senators who could be the deciding votes. We are making sure that senators, their staff, and homestate media know that constituents are outraged and want them to stop these hearings, believe survivors, and vote no on Kavanaugh. (After Thursday's hearings, we called for and helped organize dozens of events on Friday with thousands of participants that formed in a matter of hours.)
  • We are continuing to recruit to actions in Washington, D.C., where a huge show of people power has been making noise and building pressure around the clock—and where we can lift up the leadership of survivors like those who bravely confronted Sen. Flake in person.
  • We are continuing to flood Senate offices with phone calls; more than 10,000 calls were made by MoveOn last Thursday alone, and we will continue to push tens of thousands of calls to offices all week.

And there's one more thing: We're flexing our electoral muscle. We have hundreds of voter contact events—our Resist and Win Waves—taking place over the next few weekends in the 100+ congressional districts that could end GOP control of Congress.

Our get out the vote events taking place this weekend are carrying a message about believing survivors, demanding justice, and stopping Kavanaugh—so that Republicans are on full notice that there will be severe political consequences for their attacks on women and survivors.

We're giving our all to stop this vote—and you can be damn sure that on Election Day we will make Republicans pay for their cruelty.

[Emphasis added.]

What are we conservatives doing apart from wringing our hands and biting our nails?  Not much.  I can only pray that our inaction when juxtaposed with the cacophony on the left, will highlight to decent human beings who might be undecideds about Kavanaugh and the midterms, the rank hysteria of the irrational and power-driven left and that difference will translate into victory for Republicans at the polls. 

But if we lose on Friday, that is, if Kavanaugh is not voted in by the Senate, how angry will you be?  Enough to get off your couch, buy an expensive plane ticket, use your vacation time to go to Washington and protest?  Or, will we just take it and tepidly hope we win at the ballot box in November? 

Here’s the deal.  Didn’t it feel good when Kavanaugh stood up for himself, as inept as some of his responses were (clearly, he had gotten to the point of such emotional distress he just couldn’t answer some questions as I would have liked to see, at times even shutting down in absolute frustration, at times so overcome with anger, and disappointment, he couldn’t give a terse, compact, succinct zinger of a response).  But when he came out swinging, weren’t we all cheering?  And did you care that some of his answers were “eh”?  I didn’t.  Because I knew this man had reached his limits and was exhausted from the beating he had taken for months and the near-death bludgeoning the last few weeks.  I knew this man was overcome with grief knowing that he will never, ever regain his stature among his peers, in his community, as a lawyer, judge, or justice, and as a father/husband -- even if Friday turns out in his favor. 

And then Lindsey Graham -- dang, if that wasn’t the icing on the cake!  When he finally popped and laid it on the line, literally pointing fingers and calling out names, conservatives were proud.  Finally, Lindsey did the right thing.

We have a President and some great congressmen and women who are finally taking a stand.  And let’s face facts -- too many of us/you have become complacent, taking a back seat letting the President handle all of the fighting (with the help of some in Congress).  But we have a nominee who didn’t cave. He punched back.  Trump punched back.  Lindsey Graham finally punched back.  Hatch punched back.  As did many others. Okay, so we have to browbeat the RINOs into compliance -- and we might not have to do that if the FBI comes back with a packet of 302s that confirm everything we already know.  Even some #NeverTrumpers are aligned with Trump supporters on this one.

But if the week explodes and Kavanaugh is a casualty at the end of the week of relentless leftwing bullying, we regular guys are the only ones left.  It’s our turn to punch back.  And we know they will call us white supremacists and Nazis, waging a war on women -- it wouldn’t be the first time. When little old ladies were singing G-d Bless America and waving their flags at Tea Party rallies, cleaning up their garbage and thanking the police officers, they were labeled white-privilege racist homophobic Christian wacko birds with a dash of Nazi thrown in.  Punch back we must and it cannot only be at the ballot box (although that would be really sweet). 

I have just as much anger as those women in the elevator.  Leftwing activists and Democrat politicians do not have a monopoly on anger.  Nor do they have a monopoly on sexual assault, harassment, discrimination, or rape.  Those crimes have no political parties. 

Sure, we have some wholly inadequate outlets -- writing and reading articles, a Facebook page here and tweet there, voting, maybe even getting out the vote in your local elections.  Maybe you are lucky and get the one-minute opportunity to vent on talk radio or have your letter to the editor published.  But if Kavanaugh loses, none of that is enough.  Are you prepared to stand with Kavanaugh and punch back against the Democratic bullies, make the sacrifice and march on Washington at the last minute?  If someone out there with the reach and a national platform can organize a last-minute nationwide walkout, count me in.  I don’t care about the cost or inconvenience.  If the pussy-hatted gals can do it, then so can we.    

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