Preview Tonight: Fox News Goes for the Cord-cutters with Its New Online Service Fox Nation

The Fox News Channel (FNC) is set to start promoting the launch of its major new online political, and mostly conservative, streaming service – Fox Nation – in an hour-long program that airs tonight at 8 PM ET/PT. The tag line for the new Web brand is “Fox Nation – Opinion Done Right.” The fact that New Fox, the streamlined company that is emerging from the breakup of Rupert Murdoch’s hegemonic far flung media empire, is gearing up a full-service subscription Internet video channel is significant. It is in large part a recognition that traditional cable television, despite generating revenue that is still hefty, represents the past and is starting to tank. Both its outdated platform and its audience are aging, and its growth – and profits – have largely plateaued. Television’s future increasingly appears to belong to on-demand digital and mobile applications, which are more in sync with people’s lifestyles and appeal to a...(Read Full Article)
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