Mike Madigan's Personal Tyranny

Several facts in recent American political history prove that Illinois is the crucible of the DNC’s efforts to deprive voters of constitutionally guaranteed voting rights.  The Constitution lists 18 functions of federal government which Congress must provide for.  These include the Navy, Army, Treasury, port authority and so on.  But the voters, acting through Congress and the president, determine all other federal policies. 

State governments are administered independently, but Article 4 of the Constitution clearly guarantees that each state must have a constitutional form of government modeled after the U.S. Constitution. Since the DNC’s two biggest political leaders of the past two decades, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, entered politics in Illinois and learned the Illinois template of government, it's necessary to investigate whether Illinois modified the constitutional form of government, if Illinois enacted legislation which violates the rights of voters, and how and when this was done.  There is plenty of evidence for this: Illinois state records prove how Illinois enacted state legislation designed to deprive voters their constitutionally guaranteed voting rights.

Briefly summarized, Illinois’ changes to the constitutional form of government began in 1983 when Mike Madigan became Speaker of the Illinois House. Madigan quickly moved to change the role of the voter in Illinois state government, completely breaking the connection between the voters’ will and consent and Illinois state public policy. 

Madigan's ultimate act designed to separate the will of voters from policy legislation occurred when he had his Democratic party pass House resolution 46 in 2017. This resolution is a stunning break with the role of voters in the formation of state policy and was not discussed by the media in Illinois.

In this astounding annihilation of the republican form of government, Madigan expanded his exclusive control of all Illinois state legislation and made himself the sole source of all Illinois public policy, a role he enjoys to this day.

The total control of all Illinois House legislative writing committees was seized in 2017 by Madigan through Illinois House Rules 4(c)(13,14).  The new rules expanded and strengthened the monopolistic powers of the House Speaker. The Resolution states: “powers conferred upon him or her” include: (13) “To determine the number of majority caucus members and minority caucus members to be appointed to all committees, except as otherwise provided by these Rules.” and (14) “To appoint all Chairpersons, Co-Chairpersons, and Vice-Chairpersons of committees (from either the majority or minority caucus), and to appoint all majority caucus members of committees.”  These are exact quotes. 

These two startling House rules gave total control of the membership of all committees to Michael Madigan. The so-called Madigan Rules give Madigan powers never seen before in the state of Illinois House of Representatives and not seen in any other state.

This House Rules' brazen language has characteristics one would expect of an ancient manuscript depicting how a tyrant took over the rule of a nation. A study of all state legislatures by the Illinois Policy Institute found that the Illinois legislature is the only legislature in all fifty states to give complete control to the House speaker.  It is not surprising that Barack Obama, copying Madigan, suspended the U.S. legislature for six years with continuing resolutions and replaced the will and consent of the voters will 62 czars, an action never taken before.  President Obama further stole the will and consent of voters with his historically high deficit spending. 

Madigan has enacted what he considers to be fail-safe rules expanding his totalitarian control of Illinois state government.  These rules require that all House legislation, no matter what committee of origin, be “approved” by the speaker by going through what Madigan established as his personal approval committee, the House Rules Committee.  The Rules Committee has been characterized as the graveyard of Illinois House bills, but in reality its function is to provide Madigan with the unconstitutional ability to usurp of the will and consent of all Illinois voters.  Madigan’s practices are not simply personal influence and corruption -- they are written into the State’s House Rules. Additionally, these rules allow Madigan to replace any member of any standing committee at any time, something he did over 600 times in 2017.

Included in this nullification of the will of the voters, the Illinois House Rules Committee was changed by Madigan to control all Illinois House bills, and to usurp the control of the Illinois House from all Illinois voters.  Forty-one states do not require bills to go through a rules committee or similar committee.   So in reality Madigan, not the voters of Illinois, today controls what bills are passed by the Illinois House and he then has complete control over what bills proceed to the Illinois Senate to become law.  If Madigan does not personally approve of a bill, the Illinois governor never has the chance to sign it. 

This is not democracy. This is not the type of government the Constitution is designed to establish for the states. Yet today in Illinois and to a troubling extent in other states like California, this is the fact.  But while other states have similarly disruptive rules of democracy, as always, Illinois is the worst.

It’s important to recognize that since 1983, Madigan drastically altered virtually all Illinois House Rules and the 2017 Bill eliminated the existence of the voices of voters in political parties, both his own Party and others.  No person in Illinois has the legislative powers the House Speaker possesses through these Illinois House Rules, which are written and published by the State of Illinois. What this means is that this paper doesn't describe the personal corruption of Madigan, but how these powers are given to the Illinois House speaker regardless of who that person is or to what party they may belong.  This is not allowed by the Constitution and I will soon challenge the Supreme Court to make a ruling on these issues: that all of the power to write and pass legislation belongs to the people as expressed through their elected representatives, not just one person.  

This is something one would expect to see in a study of the rise of tyranny in the distant past or another part of the world, but this has been going on since 1983 in Illinois, the state that gave rise to the two most prominent national Democrat leaders, Obama and Hillary Clinton.