Leftism: The Art of the Mob

The last week has seen the usual suspects getting miffed when people called out the anti-Kavanaugh "peaceful protesters" as mobs.

Oh, come now, lefty friends.  You chaps are as bad as the First Apostle, whom the Son of God famously predicted would deny him three times.

Own up to your genius, which has been to turn the crude bronze implement of "the Mob" into a finely tempered sword of Japanese steel, the disciplined NPCs of the "peaceful protest."  Talk about Darwinian evolution: what used to be a "riot" became a "march," then a "demonstration."  It has now, finally, reached its full potential as a "peaceful protest."  Oh, except when confronting the conservative son of Susan Rice on the campus of Stanford University.  That is different.

Back when a mob was a mob, we had the example of Alexander Hamilton, who bravely kept the mob at bay at the front door of the house of Myles Cooper, Loyalist president of King's College in New York City (now Columbia University), while Cooper escaped out the back door.

But by 1820, when the machine-breaking agricultural laborers in southeast England wanted farmers to destroy their job-killing threshing machines, the rioters all signed their non-negotiable demands with the moniker "Captain Swing."  It's almost as if someone were organizing their laborer community.

Nearly 20 years later, in 1848, the Chartists marched on London and held a meeting on Kennington Common that was planned as an attack on the Houses of Parliament on the other side of the River Thames.  But in the event, the leaders merely presented a petition to Parliament.

You can imagine that this sort of mob action caught the attention of young rich kids with a taste for political power, kids like Marx and Engels.  It was their genius to turn the genuine bottom-up working-class movements of the agricultural laborers and urban workers into a top-down politico-religious world movement led by Educated Youth.  The vanguard of educated rich scions would use the working class as their political foot-soldiers in a movement to prevent the bourgeoisie from immiserating the planet.

That is what left-wing politics has been about ever since: dressing up the naked fury of the turbulent mob into the decent drapery of the "peaceful protest" and pretending it is all about justice rather than the naked thrust for power.

So, by the 1960s, the protesters were not the wretched of the Earth, workers and peasants, but well born college kids,  the radical children of liberal parents, as Midge Decter called them in 1975.  Now, in 2018, we have the protesters as obviously well born Special Snowflakes taught their left-wing Catechism by government-paid gender studies professors and the diversity and inclusion bureaucrats of today's university.  Hey, rich kids!  Don't forget that this is all supposed to be for the victims!

The reason why our liberal friends are so upset about the accusations of their mob action is the outrage of lifting the decent drapery of "peaceful protest" to reveal the nakedness of their power-lust and the fashionable revolutionary politics underneath.

As the cartoonist points out, this lefty war on America has been busily demolishing the pillars of our society for years: freedom of religion, because traditional religions are not allowed to dissent from lefty orthodoxy on race and sex; freedom of speech, because anything the left disagrees with is hate speech; and now due process, because believe all women.

To refresh your memory: Our forefathers invented these freedoms and legal procedures as a way to limit the power of monarchs.  It turned out to be just the thing to cool the jets of overenthusiastic political activists and the left in general.

And really, what could be better than to have our lefty friends remind us, with their NPC "peaceful protests," exactly why we have all these institutional safeguards?  The whole point of limited government has turned out to be precisely to keep the left from destroying everything we hold dear.

If the American people go out to vote on November 6, 2018, and deliver a sharp rebuke to the radical left Democratic Party, perhaps we can hope the Democrats will swerve to the center a lot quicker than they did after their last leftward lurch in the sixties.

The left is a reactionary movement that wants to return the world to the good old days of the agricultural age, when political power, defending your patch – or your empire – of food-growing land, was everything in life.  In those days, a few people were kings and lords and temple priests, but most of us were slaves.

What would it take to persuade the left that political power is a dead letter, the graveyard of hope?  I suppose that the only answer is defeat – agonizing, humiliating defeat.

I wish there were another way.

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