K-12: Walk Away

When Brandon Straka founded the WalkAway movement in May, hardly anyone imagined that several hundred thousand longtime Democrats could turn against the party of their family and friends.  Although it's a big, difficult decision, many Walkaways made videos aggressively explaining their decisions. They often conclude: "I'll never vote Democrat the rest of my life." What made these people walk away with such passion?  Certainly, Trump's success and charisma explain a lot.  The "lying media" are also a major factor.  One woman attended a crowded Trump rally.  When she reached home a half-hour later, CNN was showing a half-empty stadium where she had been standing.  She knew that the place had been jammed.  At that moment, she walked away from CNN. Perhaps the most important factor is that leaders on the left, for many decades, became increasingly...(Read Full Article)
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