Judge Kavanaugh Is the Victim of a Great Crime

I believe that Judge Kavanaugh is the victim of a great crime.  Judge Kavanaugh’s wife is the victim of a great crime.  Judge Kavanaugh’s children are victims of a great crime.  The crime was committed by powerful people by their making the unprovable public accusation that the judge, long ago, may have committed a criminal assault.

What is a crime?  What is a great crime?  A crime is anything done to you that reduces you to an inanimate object.  Suppose someone steals something of no great value to you.  That is a crime, but a minor one.  Suppose someone steals something that is very dear.  A much greater crime has been committed.  If someone steals your life savings and leaves you destitute that is a great crime.  Suppose you have been enslaved.  What is the magnitude of that crime?  Then there is torture – psychological or physical.  You are left forever scared.  And there is murder.  You no longer exist.  You are an inanimate object.

In a deep sense all these crimes are the same – just variations in magnitude.  All these crimes have this in common:  your humanity, part of your life, is stolen in each of them.  The criminal views you as a mere inanimate thing!  The criminal does not regard you as a human being but simply as a resource to be plundered.  In Judge Kavanaugh’s case the plunder is political advantage.

By now we all know the accusation that Judge Kavanaugh attempted a rape when he was a teenager (attempted, but did not succeed).  Whatever the truth, it is the way the accusation was made public that constitutes a great crime.

Originally, this accusation was made in private by a woman that many people regard as disturbed.  That is a minor, and forgivable, action because it may be the result of a false memory.  And, that woman, too, is a victim of a great crime.  She is a victim because she was exploited by radical left attorneys in coordination with criminal politicians.  Although she initiated the action, her name, and her fragility, have been broadcast, for political reasons, to the entire world.

These crimes were made by unscrupulous politicians who used this private accusation for very public political advantage.  These monsters took an unconfirmed, and quite possibly wrong, accusation and blew it up into gigantic proportions.  In so doing the judge and his family became victims of those politicians and their minions in the media.  It is the politicians and their minions who are the criminals – not the judge.  They are great criminals indeed!  And, most likely these criminals will get away with the crime.

There is no need to name these criminals as individuals for there are really no distinctions to be made among the members of any real criminal gang.  Through their collaboration they are all guilty.  We now know that this criminal gang has a name:  professional Democrats.

Now try to imagine what Judge Kavanaugh is going through.  Since his nomination he has been wrung out.  Many have openly insulted him and impugned his character.  But, finally, when it looks like the ordeal is over, the ordeal becomes far worse.

Out of the blue, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee accuses him of having committed sexual assault when he was young.  There are no details because the senator was keeping the charges secret – just the accusation.  There can be no corroboration because he knows he is innocent.  He is disoriented, bewildered.  How can he defend himself about a crime, an unknown crime at that, he never committed.

Official seal of the United States Senate

But, worse is to come.  In a blaze of publicity the specifics of the unsavory accusation were made public.  The judge is now subject to far worse ridicule and vilification.  He is angry now.  Angry as he, in his innocence, properly should be.  His now visible anger is mocked as being unmanly.  Nothing he can say or do will moderate the vile abuse he is taking.

All who know the truth come to his defense.  But this only subjects his defenders to the same abuse that the judge is taking.

But there is more.  There is an even greater reason for his anger.  By all evidence, Judge Kavanaugh is deeply devoted to the Nation that he has served, with all his skill, throughout his entire adult life.  He knows that the attacks on him are surrogates for seditious attacks on the Nation and, worse, on the Constitution.  If the political attackers win this, the nation will be headed for disaster.

The judge cannot, by himself, defeat these now exposed subversives.  He can only be the focus for forces far more powerful; forces that are arising to defend the integrity and sanctity of America and its Constitution.  Judge Kavanaugh has become the eye of a typhoon.  It is now up to us, the people of America to defeat this evil.

It was said, by one of the senators, that Judge Kavanaugh must be presumed to be guilty and that he must prove his innocence.  This is, the senator says, not a court trial.  It is a trial of public opinion.  It is therefore appropriate to presume guilt.

Of course, it has been known for centuries that one cannot prove a negative.  The presumption of innocence is the logical consequence on which true justice rests.  Consider the consequences if that senator’s reversal takes hold.  Justice ceases.  The senator is advocating the kind of law which governed all of history’s worst tyrannies.

The senator says this is a trial of public opinion.  Very well, let it be a trial of public opinion.  We are the jury in that trial.  We are the prosecutor.  We are the judge.  It is up to us to determine innocence or guilt.  It is up to us to bring to trial the criminals that have attacked Judge Kavanaugh and, through him, the rule of law and the Constitution.  It is up to us to defend the law, our nation, and justice.

Let the trial begin.

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