How the Left Colonizes Education

I was with a bunch of lefties over the weekend, and would you believe, the big problem in education is the colonialist curriculum. So after the lefties had all tut-tutted about how even now in Africa the educational curriculum was still painfully colonialist, I had to step in.

Here’s what’s worrying me, I said. It’s the leftification of education.

Dead silence.

Because if you are a lefty you have never thought, not for a moment, that the left runs education from stem to stern in the western world. And that is a monstrous injustice.

Now of course, I could have gone in for the kill, and said that the left’s ruthless and merciless domination of education is the great crime of the last century and shaping up to become the great crime of the millennium. But I didn’t. Because, after all, I was among friends.

But there is this, from David Brooks, who just put out a piece in the New York Times about the implacable “Rich White Civil War” featuring, on the left, Progressive Activists and, on the right, Devoted Conservatives. Yes, it’s just like the good old days of Folger’s Coffee. The big conflict in U.S. politics are between the two “richest kinds:” Rich liberals, that in Brooks’ study are called Progressive Activists, and rich conservatives, or Devoted Conservatives.

Now, after I dropped my bomb on my lefty friends about the real problem in education: the colonialist lefty oppression of the children of the West, I could have continued and railed against the monstrous oppression of the leftification of the education system and also the university system that enforces a left-only curriculum by stigmatizing all non-lefty speech as hate speech, and therefore monstrously deplatforms all non-lefty everything, courtesy of the global alliance of all self-respecting SJWs and their mind-robot NPCs.

But I didn’t go in for the kill. Because, after all, I was among friends, and you don’t want to spoil a friendly gathering with politics, do you? Not unless you are sharing a feminine wail like the ladies did when the yoga instructor mentioned the Vanity Fair piece by Doris Kearns Goodwin  comparing Trump with Theodore Roosevelt.

But here is what I really think. If, as David Brooks writes, we ought to resolve the implacable opposition between the rich trust-fund Progressive Activists in the U.S. and the rich white patriarchal supremacist far-right Devoted Conservatives, there is one simple way.

If Progressive Activist parents want to educate their children in pedal-to-the-metal lefty Activism, why not? It’s a free country!

But hey lefties! How about we let Devoted Conservatives educate their children in pedal-to-the-metal far-right indoctrination with the full menu of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and Islamophobia and whatever the next -phobia is that lefty SJW chaps come up with.

Oh well. That’s different, innit?

Earth to lefties. That’s why we have Trump!

Apart from the vital necessity of implementing the Brooks agenda and arranging the Peace of David with unconditional negotiations between the diplomats of the Progressive Activists and the diplomats of the Devoted Conservatives to establish a full and fair implementation of the Right to Educate Principle outlined above we far-right nut-cases have another point we want to make.

Yes, it’s made by Sarah Hoyt in her latest PJMedia piece where she has stolen, fair and square, My 2015 Idea that the only privilege in America is Liberal Privilege. And then she goes on to write about good little boys and girls. Hey, Sarah! That’s my line too!

Do you suppose she has been reading my stuff? If so, good for her. We need to spread my ideas far and wide.

Got that liberals? Sarah’s point is that all the supposed privilege that you chaps are fighting 24-7 in the schools, in the universities, in the peaceful protests, in the rifle attacks on Republican elected officials is, at best, Very Small Beer. White Supremacy? Male Patriarchy? Maybe there’s a bit buried over there in the corner, under some ancient equestrian statue that nobody remembered until your chaps needed an issue on which to peacefully protest.

No, the elephant in the room is liberal privilege. Here’s an example. A liberal woman gets to make an utterly unsupported accusation against a white male federal appeals judge and the whole nation holds its breath for a week.

That is privilege. That is domination. That is hegemony. Not to mention sexism, straight up. Imagine what would happen if a conservative woman made an accusation against a celebrated Democratic politician. Would you liberal chaps jump on it? Would CNN dissolve into self-righteous wrath? Would the late-night comedians be flogging the issue to death?

Hey liberals, can you spell Juanita Broderick? Yeah, I know, that Spanish lingo can be a challenge. But go ahead and try. Go and Google J-U-A-N-I-T-A space B-R-O-D-E-R-I-C-K. You’ll be glad you did.

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