Grassley Victorious

During the battle over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, we heard a lot of praise for Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and even George W. Bush for their handling of the crisis, all for good reason. What we need to hear now is a round of applause for Chuck Grassley’s superb handling of the nomination – particularly after things got weird once the hearings closed. (We should also mention Rachel Mitchell, who also came in for unwarranted criticism.) Chuck Grassley has been criticized incessantly and repeatedly throughout the confirmation process. Take a look a selection from a single day’s comment threads on one conservative site: Get Grassly outta there then. They need a man to deal with the anitics that'll be'a'comin' for that show. Grassley needs placed out to a grassy pasture. Is Grassly going to allow the Soros loud mouth demons in the room to make a stink, like he has in former hearings? Grassley has weak knees. There is...(Read Full Article)
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