Fight Together or Fall Apart

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is a watershed moment for the republic.  This is the moment we decide who we are and who we will allow ourselves to be.

More than 200 years ago the Founders set out in our Constitution a set of rules for the United States of America.  For years, these rules were inviolable.  They constitute the framework upon which Americans have built the most successful nation, and the only viable democratic republic to have ever existed.

America is a dream derived from the best ideas proffered by the best of humanity.  It is a nation founded on equality of opportunity and the presumption of innocence.  It is a place where any opinion is no less valuable than that of the richest, most powerful among us.  And even more important everyone has every bit as much right to voice his opinion.  To say otherwise is to be either ignorant of the beauty of this nation, its founding, and its constitution, or situationally opportunistic. 

Situational ethics?  Where have we seen that before?  The Democrats behave as if only they have the right to define what is “right.” And in the course of that conceit, they have decided they are always right, and we the people, are always wrong -- that is, unless we agree with them.  And agree that it is only “they” who decide what is “right.”

The battle over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is about more than his nomination.  It is about the future of America.

Should the Democrats succeed in defeating a man who is, perhaps, the most qualified candidate to have ever been nominated to the Supreme Court, the place we call the United States of America, this nation we so revere and love, will never be the same.  We will have allowed a minimal sect of power-hungry narcissists the ability to control who can sit as a judge, who can stand as a candidate, and most importantly, who will have the power to decide the future of the republic, the future of our children, and our grandchildren and the millions of those yet to become even a conception of a being -- those who will be born of our children and their children and who will surely grow and yearn to be free.

To allow them to destroy a candidate, an eminently qualified candidate, on uncorroborated accusations from more than three decades ago, for purely political purposes, will set a precedent.  Barack Obama’s admonition that “Elections have consequences,” perhaps the only true thing he ever said, will be meaningless.  Who will stand -- for election, appointment, or even as commentator -- when all that is needed to destroy a person is an accusation, without evidence, from long ago.

The dreams of the Founders, of a place where work and merit decide success or failure, will be gone.  It will be replaced with a country where there are no rules.  Where those who have power and its intendant wealth are all that matter.  Truth will have no place in this progressive utopia, because “truth” will become subjective, defined by the whims of those in power and becoming merely what they say it is.  And most of all, this will be a place where an enemy can be eliminated by accusation, because the presumption of innocence has been replaced by guilty until… whatever or whenever.

The Democrats could not defeat Brett Kavanaugh on the merits, because for all practical purposes he is unimpeachable as a candidate, so they must manufacture fake accusations and go back to his high school years to divine a weakness of character not inherent in his history but magically ascertainable from the fact that he likes beer and acted as a teenager when he was a teenager. 

The ones who climb the wall of justice and probity to ascertain Kavanaugh’s fate include:

A woman who had a Chinese spy working for her for twenty years; a man who lied about serving in Vietnam; a guy who readily admits that at 17, he committed the very same crime they collectively were accusing Kavanaugh of (and who has a make-believe friend named T-Bone); a woman who began her political career by having an affair with Willie Brown; and a woman who, echoing rape apologists of the past, thinks men should "shut up" and take it. 

Yet, Feinstein, Blumenthal, Booker, and Harris serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee with little appreciation for irony and a total lack of shame.  The rest of the party is no better; the documented offenses too many to list.

Who could survive the purview of this scurrilous bunch?  The answer, is no one -- because in the system they claim is provident is one where they decide on political and personal reasons -- namely how it affects their acquisition of power, privilege, and wealth.  It is no coincidence these public servants have mansions and servants.

This is why, in today’s world, with the preeminence of “Hollywood for ugly people,” the theory, as promulgated by Democrats and the mainstream media is that the rules of civilized society, the rules of law, any rules at all, apply only to Republicans and never to Democrats.  And whenever anyone complains of the unfairness, they shout, and scream, and stamp their feet, while minions shoot up baseball fields and deny the opposition peace at dinner, at home, or any peace at all.   

And when someone disagrees -- conservatives, #Walkaway Democrats, or anyone else -- they are portrayed in the media as evil geniuses out to take away from poor people their last bit of bread; minorities, their shred of dignity; and the vote from their imported illegals and the Democrats' ever-expanding roll of the dead.  And despite that, their prospect for success is good.

Because most of all, for the Democrats to succeed in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” we must refuse to fight.  Kavanaugh came out fighting last Thursday, and so did Graham.  Trump fights.  It is high time the rest of us did so as well.  The stakes have never been higher.  I weep for this nation and weep for our future if we don’t.

For it has never been truer that for evil to succeed all that is necessary is for good men to do nothing.