Democratic Attacks: Who's Paying?

One thing is for sure: the Democrats never give up trying to pull fast ones on their Republican opponents and force them to defend and explain things the Republicans never in a million years thought they'd have to defend and explain.  Recent political history abounds with incidences of political attacks intended to blindside the Republicans, force them off their game, pull them far off message, and generally reset the daily political narrative to language the Democrats prefer.  That these attacks are almost always spectacularly unsuccessful doesn't dissuade the Democrats from trying again and again.

A notable recent Democratic attempt was Dianne Feinstein's astonishing 11th-hour, 59th-minute ambush of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with the totally unsubstantiated, embarrassingly vague "charges" of supposed sexual misconduct some unspecified number of years ago by Kavanaugh against one Christine Blasey Ford.  The whole episode was laughable on its face from a legal standpoint: if you gave a Democratic defense lawyer a case in which the accuser couldn't identify the time or location when and where the incident allegedly took place, couldn't produce any corroborating witnesses, and demonstrably had lied in her basic story (Ford said she was afraid to fly yet had provably flown on multiple occasions for both personal and professional reasons), the defense lawyer would not merely be giddy with how easily the case could be won with "reasonable doubt," but would likely go to the judge and ask that the case be dismissed entirely for lack of evidence.  No doubt, the request would be granted.  It was and remains a ludicrous, transparent political ploy of the lowest kind.

The real question is, how did the Ford fandango come to be?  Who put her up to it?  Who paid for the political digging and research?  Who paid for the logistical expenses – the travel involved in cultivating her as a witness, the legal preparations, the food and lodging accrued by everyone during the process?  Are we to believe that Ford came forward totally voluntarily by herself and then funded her own expenses throughout the ordeal?  Did Feinstein's office pay for everything?  Or did some outside entity concoct the entire thing, find an acceptable accuser with a plausible and suitably unverifiable story, and fund the entire operation behind several layers of completely untraceable money?  It's incredible that no one is asking.

Similarly, the Honduran caravan seems just too convenient and perfectly timed to be a coincidence, doesn't it?  All of a sudden, 10,000-plus politically oppressed people just absolutely have to make their way to the U.S. border, right now, just as the midterm elections are upon us.  The Democrats once again have brought forth one of their favored issues: Republican hardheartedness, coldly turning away pregnant women and helpless, undernourished children from a better life in America.  Well, that just isn't who America is, is it?  Where is the Republicans' soul?  Where is their basic human decency?  Formal laws can come later.  Court appearances can come later.  Right now, this very moment, it's time for compassion, generosity, and human kindness.  Just let them in, and everything will get sorted out in due course.  That's what the Democrats are banking on – that voters will reject the Republicans because of their total lack of basic humanity.  The fact that the general public isn't buying the Democrats' message of "The Republicans caused the caravan in the first place with their unwarranted meddling in these countries' affairs" hasn't stopped the Democrats from trying to foist it on the public.

The question that seems obvious is, how did this caravan come to be?  Why now?  How do they eat, and who provides for their basic sanitary, transportation, and shelter needs along the path of their valiant, arduous journey?  It's a long trek.  It ain't free.  Who's paying?  Who's the organizer?  After this particular issue is resolved – one way or the other – there will be another.  The Democrats always try to create a "Republicans are heartless" issue.

And of course, there's the big one: the whole Russia collusion thing.  There was the dossier paid for by Fusion GPS, for starters.  Where did that money come from?  Was that money backed by the Clintons? Did the funding actually come from shadow money collected by the charitable Clinton Foundation?  If the Democrats spied on and wiretapped the Trump campaign prior to the 2016 election (as appears virtually certain to all but the most vociferous, dishonest deniers and the hopelessly naïve believers), who organized and funded that operation?  It was no easy, one-time task.  To actually spy on and surreptitiously record detailed private conversations is a technically complicated exercise, requiring cutting-edge technology and sensitive inner contacts.  Both of those are expensive propositions.  It can be safely assumed that the requisite monies to fund such an operation are not traceable to the Obama White House, or even obviously to the Clintons.  Then who? How?  By what actual device was it paid for and executed?  Like the Honduran caravan, the wiretapping of candidate Trump and the framing of Carter Page weren't free, and they weren't coincidental happenstance occurrences.  They were planned and paid for.  After all this time, expense, and effort, the broad public realizes that there is no "there" there, no so-called collusion, nothing with which to pin blame on Trump and delegitimize his triumph over the increasingly pathetic Hillary Clinton.

All of this frenzied activity by the Democrats to distort the national political dialogue, of course, flies in the face of real Trump-Republican accomplishments – accomplishments that have made the lives of real Americans better on a day-to-day basis.  In eight years of the Obama administration, the Democrats couldn't do for the American people what President Trump has done in less than two years:

  • GDP growth of 4.2% in Q2 2018, on track for over 3% for calendar 2018.  Obama's average was 1.8% for his term in office.
  • Black unemployment at an all-time low.  All-time.
  • Hispanic unemployment at an all-time low.  All-time.
  • Persuaded NATO countries to finally step up and pay their share.
  • Withdrew from pointless, job-killing Paris Climate Accords.
  • Restructured NAFTA to benefit American workers.
  • Rebuilding and modernizing American military to better meet our national security needs.

There are countless additional accomplishments by Trump that have tangibly improved the quality of daily life in America.  However, the Obama administration was more interested in imposing their ideological imprint on American society and the economy than they were in actually increasing GDP, median household income or reducing unemployment.  The ultimate maximization of economic, energy and foreign policy factors was never their primary aim. Obama's main goal was – and the Democrats' remains – to identify victim groups (real or imagined) and then fabricate government programs to rescue those groups for the purpose of winning votes.  All the Democrats actually want to do is to keep the GDP, household income, unemployment and foreign affairs in good enough shape so as not to become issues in and of themselves.

In order to accomplish this, the Democrats must keep the national conversation away from easily understood, instantly recognizable things like unemployment, national security, and household income.  Voters like it when those things are good, the way they are now.

So Democrats go to great lengths to divert the voters' attention and shift the conversation, à la the Honduran caravan, the Kavanaugh confirmation process, and the Russian collusion investigation.  There are more Democrat-created diversions to come.  It's a never-ending integral component of modern-day Democratic political strategy.  The actual success of these hijinks is extremely questionable, and the non-partisan segment of the voting pool is rapidly catching on and discounting them as so much white noise, to be totally disregarded at best or accruing to the Democrats' detriment at worst.

Nonetheless, the Democrats keep trying, successful or not.  The question remains: who is paying for these?  Someone is.  Will we ever know?

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