Will Trump's Deal of the Century Solve the Middle East's Problems?

In a recent interview, Jason Greenblatt, a special representative of the president, said, "Our plan begins with reality.  It recognizes the history of the conflict, of course, but [other plans] were always relying on tired notions of what it should be.  Instead, it focuses on what it could be." Thus, I assume that the Palestinian narrative that has driven the peace process and world opinion for fifty years will be severely undermined and replaced with reality and history, starting with the Palestine Mandate.  Greenblatt is mindful of the fact that this narrative was outlined by the KGB in its consultations with Yasser Arafat in the sixties and afterward.  They invented the Palestinian people as a means to cast the Arabs as the oppressed and the Israelis as the oppressors. The rationale for the plan will start with the signing of the Palestine Mandate in 1922.  This mandate split Palestine into two...(Read Full Article)
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