What Woodward Saw in the Clinton White House โ€“ and What He Missed

"It's very depressing.  You want to read a depressing book, this is it," said one critic of a book by Bob Woodward.  "It's a sad, horrible story with all the sordid details that I guess people will just, you know, slaver over, but the fact of the matter is, it's humorless and there's no warmth." In his criticism of Woodward's book Wired about his friend John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd captured the essence of the Woodward writing style: lots of little trees competing for air in a gloomy forest, often at the expense of the larger picture.  One can expect the same from Woodward's' new opus about the Trump White House, Fear. Trump in the White House. In his two books about the Clinton White House, Woodward again did a thorough job documenting the trees, but in the second of these two books, The Choice: How Clinton Won, Woodward missed a Watergate-sized forest.  To his humble credit,...(Read Full Article)