The Shrill Silliness of Feminism

What sane person believes feminists today?  Every single time a Republican or conservative stands a chance of being confirmed to the federal bench or elected president, some old story bubbles to the top about a female being sexually assaulted or offended.  Ask Clarence Thomas or Herman Cain or Donald Trump.

These women are lying or delusional or complicit.  What, exactly, happened to the accusation against Herman Cain raised in the middle of the Republican nomination process that he had a long affair with Ginger White, which ended just before his run for the nomination?  Nothing, because her accusation and related accusations by a couple of other women were clearly limp and unsupported by independent sources.

What happened to Anita Hill, who had promised in questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee that she would not use the fame generated by her attack on Clarence Thomas to write a book and to leverage her prominence into propelling her career?  Well, after Anita Hill used her fame to write a book and to leverage her prominence into propelling her career...

Donald Trump has never made any bones about the fact that he likes beautiful women and has had an active sex life, which has led the shrill silliness of feminism to accuse Trump of liking beautiful women and having an active sex life. 

The pattern is dreary, dull, and despicable.  All feminists, hapless drones of power-mad leftism, have but one purpose in life: keep leftism in power by whatever phony outrage or manufactured offenses by conservative men against women.

Poor Juanita Broaddrick, now in her mid-seventies, never championed by feminists, made a credible claim of violent rape by Bill Clinton against her when he was Arkansas attorney general, the chief law enforcement official of the state, who loudly proclaimed his support of every single feminist cause.  Her claims were supported by friends and coworkers at the time.  This did not just include her statement of what happened, but also the physical battering she endured at the hands of Clinton.

Broaddrick is consigned to the same limbo where women outside the Western world are placed by the spoiled nabobs of feminism.  So despite the fact that in the Islamic world, women are imprisoned or stoned to death for the "crime" of being a rape victim or the continuation in parts of India of the Hindu horror of the suttee, in which a widow is burned alive on the pyre of her dead husband, demanding an end to these ghastly practices does not bring money or power to feminists, so feminists have no interest in these at all.

What is even worse – for those who actually care about women – is that the reflexive support of every spurious claim by neurotic or deranged women (e.g., the Duke Lacrosse "rape" case) means that sensible and moral people are much less inclined to believe women who allege rape or domestic violence or intimidation by men.  More and more men and also more and more ethical women who care more about individual justice than collective group interest view dubiously any sort of claim of victimhood by a woman at the hands of a man.  The harder feminists push for automatic acceptance of whatever a woman claims a man has done to her, the less seriously good and decent people take feminism.

It is rather like the reflexive claims of racism by any black against any white during the last fifty years.  The practical effect of that is to empower genuine white racism by lumping unbigoted white behavior with whites who despise and discriminate against blacks.  When everything is "racist!," then nothing is truly racist, or, at least, no one can seriously accept the argument of blacks that racism still exists in America.

The beneficiaries of this anti-factual myth of eradicable racism are true racists, who cannot be distinguished from the vast majority of whites in America who wish to move beyond the rhetoric of black racism-hawkers, who, like feminists, support themselves and extend their power and influence by insisting to blacks that racism still haunts America. 

The shrill silliness of feminism, which we are seeing in the Kavanaugh confirmation, is as predictable as it is vile.  It is a mockery of true justice, an enemy of honest facts, and a pathetic distraction from the real problems our nation faces.

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